April 6, 2008

Princess' Premiere Royal Give-A-Way!!

I'd like to thank everyone that participated in my very FIRST but NOT LAST give-a-way. I want you to know that the reviews will be starting soon and probably my weekly give-a-ways. I'm not sure if those will start this week or next and of course it depends on wether or not we have enough people visiting and posting to make my give-a-ways worth while. Because basically if I love a book, you can not have one of my "friends" I make you get your own and will send you a copy of the book I review, but not MY copy.

Yes, The PRINCESS is SPOILED and YES the Princess knows what she likes...she likes books and is quite selfish with hers. I know, I'm making this post rather long because *I* know the winner...you don't ...Devin picked it out of the hat about two hours ago.

I want to ask your opinion on something before I give-a-way your free book. Maybe there will be something in this for you if you have any really good ideas. Maybe this will be a contest for this week ... unless I can think of cute ones all on my own. So, think and help me ... why? because I'm your friend and I'm Stuck! You know how you rate a book one star through five. Well here in the castle we will be rating them by TIARAS...what I need is wording. Be creative. An example would be ONE TIARA - A ROYAL MESS! TWO TIARAS - NOTHING TO LEAVE THE CASTLE OVER (I like those two...see you're losing already..lol THREE TIARAS.....FOUR TIARAS....you help me RIGHT THERE) and say FIVE TIARAS - THIS ONE WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER ON MY BOOKSHELF. OK, I think those three stay. Unless yours are better.

Enough about that one.....


winner is

BREENI BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!

Breeni, you have 48 hours to contact me or you give up your prize...so email me at IAmHiMaintenance[at]aol[dot]com. I really wish I could buy a book for each and everyone of my new friends, but my pocketbook simply won't allow it. : ) Please stop back as I will be giving a-way often and with my weekly reviews. I'll probably make me needing help a contest in itself like with the above wording. So PLEASE help me with that!! Breeni, you email me with your wish and your address. Thank you all for playing.


The Princess


  1. Yeah - BREENI!!!!

  2. You have really come a long way from when I last visited. Congrats on a wonderful blog. I have added it as a favorite to make sure to stop by more often.

  3. J.Kaye I wish you would have participated...you are always the first to congratulate someone.

    Thank you! *HUG* for you!

    Cheryl- thank you for your sweet compliments. I really appreciate that you've been back and noticed!

    Hugs to you as well.


  4. Breeni has contacted me and claimed her prize! She has chosen "The Book Of Lilith" by Robert G. Brown! I'll send that right to you Breeni just as soon as you send me your address! :P

    Thank you to everyone that participated...please stop by again! I look forward to seeing you all : )


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