April 28, 2008

Weekly Geeks!

Hi Everyone! * *Waving * *

Ok, I found a great new CHALLENGE for my book loving community. Don't sigh and roll your eyes yet! This isn't going to make your book pile ANY larger. Then how is it a challenge you ask? (Go ahead...ask it) Well, it's a BLOGGING CHALLENGE and it's called "WEEKLY GEEKS"! This challenge was created by Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf and we're waiting for some buttons to be made. If you're interested, you may head on over to her blog to sign up and it will always have something to do with blogging and most likely, yes, you guessed it - BOOKS! What's not to love? It's a great way to meet new friends and stumble upon some GREAT BLOGS! The following it taken DIRECTLY FROM DEWEY'S BLOG:

It’s the very first Weekly Geeks theme! Thanks to everyone who joined.

This week is Discover New Blogs Week!

1. Look through the list of blogs on the Mr Linky below and see if you can find five that are new to you. If you can’t, find as many new blogs as possible and then some you don’t read super regularly.

2. Visit those new blogs. A comment would be nice; people like comments.

3. When you’re ready, at some point by Friday if you want to be included in the blurbs next week, write a post in your blog featuring those new blogs you visited.

4. Don’t forget to come back here and leave a link to your post, so that I can get it into the blurbs!

Ok, so the first FIVE blogs chosen by ME, The Princess, are as follows:

1. Trish's Reading Nook - Trish's blog is a gorgeous warm sage spring green! I loved it immediately and it's filled with informative reviews and the challenges that she's participating in. She also lists the book that she's currently reading so that you know which review will be coming up! This is not my last visit there. As a matter of fact, all of my new friends will be added to my Blog Roll , which it over to the right and it's under "Attending the Ball".

2. Next up is This Redhead Reads . A bright blog that's filled with her thoughts and reviews. Cute and informative! Two of my very favorite things!

3. My third random pick is Maw Books Blog. This blog has a very nice set up and it's quite easy to follow. I'm surprised I didn't find Natasha's blog sooner! I now have a new book that I'm getting to read because of her review for "Number of Stars" by Lois Lowry. It's a really cute blog ... and I believe I read that she's celebrating her 100th post with a contest. So, go and check her blog out as well.

4. Then I visited Books, Memes, and Musings "thoughts about life". Wow this a bright blog with blue hues. (Sorry that I have to comment on the appearance, but I love how everyone expresses their individuality through their blogs...it's SO wonderful)! Anyway, Book Gal lives in CA and she's a mother and wife ... also a teacher, reader, and writer (according to her profile). Also, she participates in memes such as BTT and reviews the books that she reads. A really wonderful blog! I'm glad I stopped by!

5. And last but not least, So many book reviews... ... what a "homey" blog! It reminds me of a rich chocolate wallpaper that I love. (or just plain chocolate that I love) Her only complaint "So many books and SO LITTLE time" We can certainly ALL relate to that! She's a reader that reviews whatever catches her fancy and she's super sweet. So, drop by and show her some luv!

So there they are ... my five blogs (chosen at random) and I had such a great time, I think I may check in on many more this week! What a great idea Dewey! And to anyone that wants to join, it's super-easy and a lot of fun!

That's all for now! Thanks for listening and stopping by the castle!


The Princess


  1. I can't this year, but next year will be devoted to challenges. I have signed up for more than I can do as it is - even a blogging challenge. :) Have fun with this though.

  2. Thanks J.Kaye! I joined this group too late to have ANY challenges, so I'm going to TRY to do this one. *giggle* You know me, I'm a mess. I'm always getting things confused!


  3. i only had time to check out one blog so far, but i must say it is OUTSTANDING and EVERYONE should visit it. lol.

    the blog link is CURLYWURLYGURLY. i know, i know, shameless self-promotion never got anyone anywhere...but i still keep trying.

  4. Thanks for including me - it's funny we both found each other's blogs by random chance! I'll be adding you to my link list!

  5. I'm visiting lots of folk who are signed up for this -- and seeing lots who have stopped by my place (they're not leaving comments, though), but I won't have time before Friday to do my own post about it. Still, it's nice to meet new people.

  6. HI Amy! See me waving? Just a quick note to say hello and let you know the Power book came today = with a Miss Kitty cookie! too fun. I'm off to go read it now...

  7. Hi CurlyWurlyGurly...I visit your site often and you are in my blog roll already. I don't usually leave a post though. I'm always shy to leave posts for people I don't know...and I'm not sure why. I think I lurked on J.Kaye's blog for like three months before I posted. LOL I'll start. I promise.

    Susan - It's always NICE to see you here. You have such sweet things to say. I did visit you and I left you a comment as well in your newest post.

    JanieJane! I thought the same thing. I was posting and looked up and saw my name. Very weird. But cool at the same time. Welcome to my blog and feel free to come back often!

    Hi Care Yes I see you waving..Now..Now..Look at me! Look at me! :::WAVING::: :::WAVING STILL::: :::STILL WAVING::: LoL
    I'm SO glad you got your book. If you like it, you can post to Sandy's blog. She's so sweet and I know she'd appreciate even a quickie review (If you get a chance). If you need her email, etc. Just contact me at IAmHiMaintenance@aol.com.

    Me, The PRINCESS!

  8. Hi Amy! Thanks for including me in your five.

    I've really enjoyed seeing so many different book blogs. Very interesting how wildly they vary.

  9. Cool. I will have to check the blogs out you found and see what I can find

  10. Hi P-A Princess,

    hope you don't mind me popping in here, I've just joined WG's as well.....I've suddenly discoverd I've a lot of reading to catch up on.... At present I'm stuck in the 17th Century with Samuel Pepys

  11. Hey, wanted to tell you that I emailed twice and both times the emails bounced back. :(

  12. I'm doing the same challenge, and I'm having a lot of fun with it!

  13. It's just been one of those months, so sorry it's taken me this long to say thanks for featuring my blog on your post!

  14. Dewey's posted the second WG--go check it out! It's time consuming, but a lot of fun.

  15. Great finds!! I'm familiar with most of them. I haven't become a Weekly Geek yet but it's bound to happen eventually.

    Your blog is very pretty!


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