July 17, 2008

Ol Red Bard QUILT Give-A-Way

Win a quilt at www.oldredbarnco.blogspot.com

OK...DANA at Red Barn is giving away a gorgeous quilt that I would do anything to win. You must hurry if you want to enter...you must leave a comment by July 22nd and yes, there are other ways to win...one is even for FIFTY MORE CHANCES - NO that's NOT a Misprint ... (I can't do it because I can't video at the hospital) But good luck to all of you that can. I am going to link back for the five extra chances ... it's really GORGEOUS...you have to go and see it. It's right here ... Old Red Barn Co.: Win this quilt! and just follow the instructions! Good luck to all!


That's all for now!


  1. So nice to see you back! We really missed you!!

  2. OH how I miss you! I am always trying to get on when I can...I just feel really really week.

    By the way, thank you for being my steady blog reader! You're AMAZING!

    xo Love ya

  3. It's such a pretty quilt too! I hope you win, Amy!

  4. Beautiful quilt. I hope you win

  5. Hi sweetie! Just dropping by to see how you're doing. Been thinking about ya:)


  6. Wendy! I've missed you so much...I KNOW I have your email somewhere in our correspondence, if you'd like to drop me a note, that would be nice. I have a question for you...OR I could just travel over to YOUR blog. I've missed doing this SO much. Awe, That would be SO nice! (Truth is, I'm not lucky at all!) It's gorgeous...and I do love it. It would match perfectly in my room at home. And do you know it's always so COLD in here? It could be just me, but I'm always asking for heat and it's been so hot outside here lately (That's what ALL of my visitors are telling me) Thank you for caring.

    Cheryl : ) I need to come by and see you too! Thani you for the warm wishes as well! I won't forget how much you care while I'm away...

    And before I get to Debbie (I made a horrible spelling error in the first response to J.Kaye and I KNEW I would...I bet it's the medicine...

    Debbie, thank you for being a great friend, caring, and most of all calming me down when I need it. I wish you much success. I love the new web page and I'll add it soon.

    Thank you again J. Kaye. You were my very first blogger buddy and are ALWAYS here when I need someone to lean on...Love ya! xoxo



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