July 10, 2009

Wasp-Waisted by David Barrie

By: David Barrie
Published: John Law Media (U.K.)
Author's Site: Wasp-Waisted

The Following was taken from the author's site as a description of the above-entitled book! My review will follow as soon as I am done! This is just too good to wait and I wanted to get it out there!

A young model is found dead in a luxury hotel in Paris. A stunning photo of the scene features on the cover of the country's top-selling scandal sheet. It was delivered before the police found the body. In a city obsessed with images of perfection, the murderer's artistic talents are the object of much admiration.

It's Franck Guerin's first criminal case. Used to the murky world of national security, he has to learn to play by the rules. Not so easy when your only clue is the ultra-chic lingerie in which the victim was draped.

The fashion trail takes him into a universe of desire, deceit, beauty and profit. As the victims mount and the images roll in, Franck has to train his eye to spot the killer's signature. Not to mention whoever is collecting photos of him.

Wasp-Waisted : a crime novel set in Paris written by David Barrie and published by
John Law Media.

I am just about half-way through and I LOVE it! I will be back with my review...this looks like it's definitely going to be a "FIVE TIARA READ" !!


  1. This sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for sharing. The cover is interesting

  2. I'm with Cheryl! :) Too good to pass up.

  3. This sounds like a great thriller - definitely one for my TBR list - thanks for sharing :)

  4. You're ALL VERY welcome! I'm just about done and it's AMAZING! You'll LOVE IT!

    But, now it's my turn to THANK YOU for following MY BLOG! *THANK YOU*


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