September 23, 2009

Reminders and Ramblings

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to keep you all up to date on what's closing soon and a few things coming up!  Thank you SO much for making my blogging giveaways a huge success! I have some really great ones coming up including a brand new Sony E-Reader which will be listed extremely soon! (promise) As for what's closing, here are a few items you need to hurry for if you'd like to enter!

Ending TONIGHT at Midnight (EST):

Cleopatra's Daughter - This includes a *Signed* Hardback copy of Cleopatra's Daughter Plus an ancient coin that comes with authenticity papers! A Very Special THANK YOU to Michelle Moran for making this Giveaway Possible! (Follow the link and Enter!)

The Lost Dog - (I have 5 Copies...One Could Be Yours)

So Into You -  (Also, 5 Copies...So Hurry)

Ending Tomorrow at Midnight (EST) September 24th -

THE BOOKSHELF! - OK, this one's on, make sure you HURRY and ENTER!

CATCHING FIRE - The Amazing Sequel to "The Hunger Games"...This Giveaway includes "Catching Fire", A Limited Edition T-Shirt and A Collectable Gold Mocking Jay Pin!

Ending in Two Days At Midnight (EST) Sept. 25th -

How to Be A Hepburn In A Hilton World - I LOVED this book and I have 5 copies, one of which could be yours!

The Blue Star - (5 Copies)           

The Year of The Cock - This Memoir Was Wonderfully Written and A LOT Of Fun! I'm Going to Have The Author (Alan) Here for an Interview/Guest Post and He's Also Going to Be Doing a Giveaway Just for My Readers!

Please note that RUINED has an extended end date of September 30th instead of the 28th! (This was requested by the company doing the MORE time for you!) I have this one and it's really a Fantastic Read!

That's it for the Giveaways ending in the next couple of days! So Click, Enter and Win!!

Coming up, I have winners for "Geektastic" and "How It Ends"! Please remember that winners (for now) will always be contacted by mail, given 48 hours (Unless you email me that you're away...then I will gladly hold your prize, and Posted here!

I have some AMAZING giveaways and Authors lined up (Some Bookish and Some Not)! So, please check back and feel free to enter. About the Giveaway Rules, they are going to be posted soon under the new "Giveaway Policy" tab, but for now, please note that they will run as follows! I always list who the giveaways are open to. The ones that I run, as long as the company I am ordering from ships to you, or if I am mailing myself, is open world wide. The Giveaways being mailed by publishers or authors are listed according to their rules (those are just basically out of my hands).

Thanks for Listening to me ramble! There's LOTS to do! What are you Still doing here?

KISSES - x0xx


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