November 16, 2009

Wind & Weather Bear Hug Body Pillow (Plus a Holiday Discount)!

This is not only THE MOST ADORABLE body pillow that I've ever seen, it's also THE SOFTEST! When I was given the chance to review this Bear Hug Body Pillow by Wind & Weather, I simply couldn't resist!

This bear makes the perfect companion while reading and at night, he not only makes sleeping on my side comfortable but warm and cozy too!  If you're like me, and like to read on your stomach with a pillow under the front of your torso, you'll absolutely fall in love with this bear! Lay him across the bed or floor, grab your favorite book and blanket ... absolute *PERFECTION*.   Not only that, but since my last surgery, I have had problems while laying on my side, not any more.  This body pillow has a sacks of beans sewn into the midsection and paws which add both weight and girth.  The pillow stays put and you just sink right in to a comfy warm relaxing sleep.  The possibilities are endless and believe me when I say, he holds his shape and stays puffy while you rest.  He doesn't flatten out  like other stuffed animals and/or pillows because it's not 'stuffing' throughout.  The sacks of beans really do make the difference!

The only negative I can think of is when I first got him, he was shedding. To fix this very minor problem, I suggest giving him a good brushing before use! His soft fur is gorgeous to the touch, but like any *faux type of fur, it sheds in the beginning in small amounts.  This tiny amount of fur will stick to clothing and sheets. Another really easy solution to this would be to use a lint roller on him. Easy! Right?

The Wind & Weather Bear Hug Body Pillow is made of super-soft, super-dense 'fur fibers', glass eyes and suede paws.  His perky little nose and leather-like claws give him realistic charm and a face you can't help but fall in love with!  This pillow is on the larger side (about the actual size of a real bear cub) and will be sure to bring  a smile to children of  'any age' this holiday season!

I LOVE my Bear Hug Body Pillow and I can tell you honestly that this would make the ultimate holiday gift for that someone special (or yourself)! The Bear Hug comes in Brown, Black with Brown Markings, Polar and Panda!  I chose the brown and is he ever cute!  You're sure to find one that will make your heart melt.  Wind & Weather carries a large variety of gifts and holiday essentials. Go take a look! I bet you'll be impressed!

Wind & Weather would like to wish You and Yours a Very Happy Holiday Season and to start it off right, you can own one of these Adorable Wind & Weather Bear Hug Body Pillows (AC3941) with 10% off! But only here at Park-Avenue Princess!  To take advantage of the savings, all you need to do is type in the secret code at check out! What's the secret code you ask?


You have until November 25th!  You can save on either the Brown, Black, Polar or Panda!

Happy Holidays from Wind & Weather and Park-Avenue Princess!!


  1. Those are adorable! I like the polar bear the best, they're my favorite bears. ^-^ ♥

  2. It's so cute!

  3. This is just so adorable...If I was getting a Christmas present...this would be on the top of my list, but this year, I can't even get one for myself...maybe next year...they are just so perfect :)

  4. Just so you all know...on the shipping form does not include Canada BUT THEY SHIP TO CANADA. JUST CALL THE TOLL FREE NUMBER. I SPOKE TO SOMEONE THERE AND THEY ARE SO NICE. THANKS.


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