April 1, 2008

Royal Reviews

Once Upon A Time there was a VERY Beautiful Princess. This pincess was extremely excited because she got a reviewing position this month for an online Book Site. (I Love a story that starts out like this and has a happy ending!) Seriously, I am SO EXCITED about my new position.

Most of the books that I will be reviewing for this company will be part of the different romance genres, but we do other types as well. I've read two books this week that I think I will post about. One is Contemporary Romance and it's called "Another Mans Baby" by Kay Stockham and the second is also Contemporary Romance/Erotica and it's "She's On Top by Susan Lyons. If you enjoy either of those genres, you might want to check back. They were both pretty teriffic! I'll be back later today with both of those reviews, right now, it's LATE and this Princess is missing out on her BEAUTY SLEEP.

Goodnight my SLEEPING BEAUTIES. Till Dawn...

XXX- Kisses



**If there are any AUTHORS or PUBLISHERS interested in knowing about me or WHERE I REVIEW, Please contact me by the email listed in my profile. I'd LOVE to REVIEW YOUR BOOK!!**

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  1. I didn't want to leave this one Nakie and commentless...so I'm here for you bloggie, yes I am. LOL

    : )


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