April 1, 2008

Why I'm Giving Away A Book Of Your Choice.

Someone asked me why I was giving away a book of their choice and not mine or one that I've read. There really is no short answer for this. I'll try to sum it up for you though. (Because there are way too many contests going on to listen to me babble, right?) Why? Because I LOVE to read and I LOVE books. That could be the really shortened version of it. (Wait...really, there's more) I want EVERYONE to share this love with me. When I decided to do a contest, I couldn't even think of parting with one of my books. One that I've read and loved. My family and friends laugh at me! They do! Not like Ha-Ha-Ha while pointing, but they ask me what I've read lately and as soon as I start to ramble, they all exchange those looks. Then I know what's coming next. First, they smile and then say "I know, it's your new favorite, right?" I think that's just because they don't understand me fully...lol Each one of the books on my shelf that I've read has in some way become an old friend. I live with them, know their story, and I LOVE them. I also admire them for both their beauty and the knowledge they hold. And when I need comfort, like an old friend, they're always there. BOOKS are wonderful things. So, I let you choose your own friends. In this particular case, when you read the one I send you, think of ME as well. So, if you're still interested, scroll down and comment on that post and you're in for the book of your choice and if you link, you get two chances!

You didn't think I was the only one holding a CONTEST did you? Definitely not! I know where to find some, and I'm going to share one with you. I have a whole list of contests. Please stop by these wonderful blogs and remember, they are not just "CONTEST" sites, they are my NEW FRIENDS!

It's Dewey's Blogiversary! Did you know that? One WHOLE YEAR! If you're interested (and I know you are), the give-a-way is here at The Hidden Side of a Leaf » BAFAB and Blogiversary go over and say HAPPY HAPPY! : ) Chartroose is also having a FIVE book give-a-way and that one you will find over here at Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage! You may also want to stop by Bell Literary Reflections there are SO many reviews and books there you could stay all day, not to mention the contest! Wait...that's not all, although, I am so tired of typing : ) Katrina over at Stone Soup is letting you browse her bookshelf AND you get to pick the book of your choice...very cool! Go right here Monday Book Giveaway! (March 31, 2008) « Stone SouP for your own chance to win! Chris also has a give-a-way going on for buy your friend a book week, and she's also opened up her own Etsy store which she talks about right here book-a-rama: Good Karma: Free Book. Be sure to check out both, you'll be glad you did! My Bookish Kitty is having a Give-a-way as well...so go over and say hi to Wendy right here Musings of a Bookish Kitty! She's got a great blog, you'll LOVE it! Tanabata is holding a Give-A-Way over at In Spring it is the Dawn! This contest gives you your pick of one of three books that is being given away to three people. (So one book per person, you put your choice in the post), Also, I know that Jenclair is having one too! and she can be found over on her blog (which you will find by rolling over here A Garden Carried in the Pocket: Next Week's Give-Away (sticky post), she's very sweet and I love to stop by her blog daily as well! My NEWEST friend, The Story Siren is having a great give-a-way over on her blog and if you're a fan of Meg Cabot, you're going to LOVE it! Go over here The Story Siren: Win a Copy of Airhead! and get ALL the needed details! She has a great blog by the way! And last but not least, There's trish who you can find by visiting here Break-ins and Giveaways « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? . As you can see, she's taken up a new hobby. B & E...It's really not so bad, she's trying it out on her own condo first before she tries it on someone else's. Tryin to find out how likely it is that someone will call the police. Go over and find out why she's picked up this new "habit" and also a chance to win a book that she's chosen (as your friend) or a book that you've chosen. It's really great. Check out all the details while you're there! So there you have it ... my found lists of contests. There are several others that I've come across as well. If I left you out and you're here, drop me a post and I'll link you up! : )

Well that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by and I'll chat with you soon!

XXX - Kisses



  1. I just LOVE what you are doing to your blog. Going now to sign up at the Feed Burner. That way, I won't miss a post! :)

    Way to go!

  2. You and me both, Amy! My husband's used to my book craziness more or less, but my friends and family aren't quite sure what to think. I occasionally get those looks too. :-)

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway and your kind words about my blog.

  3. Thanks Amy for the link and nice comments. You are now entered three times for each book. Good luck!

  4. J. Kaye! You're always SO sweet and very helpful..thank YOU! Talk about blogs? Yours is my favorite!

    Hi Wendy : ) I'm glad to see you back! I'm glad I have all of you to understand my book "craziness". At least your husband understands you! I find solace in all of you! (my crazy-in-book-love friends!

    You're more than welcome Jaimie! Thank you as well! Glad to see you back and thank you for your good luck wishes. I hope they rub off. Nothing but luck for you as well with this contest! It's been SO much fun. I'm really glad to see everyone enjoying themselves!

    Hi Raych I will definitely sign you up. But, the only rule is you have to sign up under the right post *scroll down and don't forget to check back often : )

    Thank you ALL
    I'm just so happy someone actually cares about what I say!


  5. Whoa, look at all those contests! Thanks for mentioning mine.

  6. I just love how active this edition of BAFAB week is turning out to be! So many giveaways!

  7. I know Dewey, can you believe it? That's one LONG list!

    I love it to Nymeth. It's so nice to see that everyone is willing to get together and help each other by sharing books and making new friends. : )

    Thank you everyone for making my page SO active! I really appreciate it.

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! That's the best part of these giveaways, I always meet new people! Definitely sign me up! :)

  9. Heather - You are SO welcome. I Loved coming by your blog, it's really nice over there : ) Thanks for having me. Also, I'll gladly enter you into my contest, you just have to post under the contest entry. (per the rules) Just scroll down from this one when you get here. I'll check and see if you posted there as well, if not. Come back : )

    Your new friend,


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