May 20, 2008

Look Again

Kim, Dawn and I are trying to get back in the swing of things (for Amy) so she has less to worry about when she does come back, which we unfortunately know will not be for quite some time. This will be a very long road for her, but we all have faith and so do many of you because we've heard it. Thank you again for that by the way. During the upcoming weeks and month, when Amy can help us with the writing of these, she will, until then, I guess you're just stuck with us! We can only hope you love us as much as you love Amy.

The main point to this post is this, we are trying to get up some new reviews, figure out her password to where most of the new ones are and then get them posted and to the authors that are patiently waiting for these. Also, we would like to get out the books and prizes that she owes to a few of you for the give-a-ways that you participated in. I also found an email to J.Kaye and I know that she promised a book to you as well. I was going to post on your blog to let you know about this, but I didn't want to interrupt what you have going on over there and I thought maybe you might see it easier here. We do know where your book is, and will have that out to you soon. I have to admit though, I kinda' did want to post it on your blog, because you have so many great books every weeks that I'd like to read! I really should get into this bloggin' thing for real!

The three of us now have names and profiles of our own where you may reach us if for some reason you don't want to write to us at Amy's email address. For those of you that do not have it, it is IAmHiMaintenance at aol dot com. Kim was going to put up a review for "Poodlums, Boogeymen and Booglers" by S.L. Chessor and C.L. Blankenship which was sent in graciously by Mrs. Chessor who is the daughter in this mother/daughter writing team. Two were actually sent, so one will be used as a give-a-way! And there really isn't much better than free books! Oh yeah, there is a POINT to ALL of this. Before we put up Amy's health update, a new review, PLUS a WONDERFUL thing being done by an AUTHOR in our blogging community - Sandy Patsy - POWER OF PUSSY: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PRINCESS AMY ! (who doesn't want ANY PRAISE OR THANKS but is going to get it any way because she is one of the sweetest, kindest, nicest women I've ever met), for Amy along with a THANK YOU to TRISH - Urgent: I Need Your Help « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? for what she's done (speaking of kind, nice, caring and wonderful), we noticed that we still have "The Tao of Fertility" and "Dream Lucky" both of these are Advanced Reader Copies that were sent directly to Amy through HarperC0llins.

Please post and continue to stop by and post your well wishes to AMY she will love to see them when she can and also while you are posing under this post, please let me know if you'd like "The Tao of Fertility" or "Dream Lucky". But, because you post here doesn't mean your name will be automatically entered into the give-a-way. If no one is interested in either of these books, I can still find them a good home, so it's alright. But I would rather offer them to Amy's blog readers first. I liked "Dream Lucky" but Amy didn't so one review is just that. ONE person's opinion. So, give these books a chance. Besides, Amy LOVED "The Tao of Fertility"!

So now that is all out of the way, on with our next post! I hope we're doing a good enough job. To tell you the truth, we're paranoid, we've been learning privately through a friend so we actually know how to do things on here now! Not a whole lot, but some!

Happy reading to all!

Respectfully- Your Resident Royalty Reviewers

Vanessa, Kim and Dawn

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  1. You couldn’t possibly interrupt anything at J. Kaye’s Book Blog! Not possible since I am an interruption in motion and will change course at the drop of a hat…lol! Come on by and chat, enter in a contest if you want or stay and visit. I am so glad she has wonderful friends to keep this blog up. I look forward to your posts and the future reviews! :)


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