May 20, 2008

And The Award Goes To...


That's Right! Amy's Blog won one of J.Kaye's Blogger Awards! You can find the post about it (and you'll all be very proud of me for being able to do this OR you SHOULD be anyway) right here:J. Kaye's Book Blog: Blog Awards! Not bad huh? AND it only took me about 3 weeks to learn that one too! Go ME!

Oh right, this is about AMY and HER BE-U-TEE-FULL BLOG. The criteria to be part of this award is pretty steep too. There are five points that it must meet. Which means we are going to have to be on our toes to keep up until THE PRINCESS herself is back to take over. And the points are:

  • Fun Place to Visit

  • Cool Reviews

  • Neat Graphics/Photos

  • Unique

  • Fun Place to Visit

Now, if you ever knew just how shy Amy is in person, you'd laugh to know she could even keep up her blog! So, this is quite an honor for her. Trust me, I do know! So a BIG THANK YOU to J.Kay for the award. which I will put up right here in the middle of the post for now, until I know how to get it to stay on the side!


I encourage you all to stop by J.Kaye's book blog! She's got a lot going on over there herself! I'm sure it gets a FIVE CROWN RATING from AMY any day of the week! J.Kaye has cool reviews/interviews, raffles, Maxine and challenges up the ying-yang (Amy is going to kill me for using this language in the castle...she is). SO JUST ENJOY IT WHILE YA' CAN. 'Cuz when she's back - OH this is all deleted fo' sho'!

While we're on the subject of my most favoritest friend, who I will update you on in the next post, there will probably be three more today and this is already the second, I just have to do this for her. We miss her so much and this is important to her/therefore it's important to us.

Since we can't figure out her password yet and we've all tried so many things, we can not get a hold of all reviews, interviews and everything else of importance. She even reviews for a few online sites that I'm trying to forward reviews to. I feel so worthless and then when we see her, it's a feeling of being helpless. So, as I was saying, since we can't find all the reviews, we'll do what we can and fill you in on how she's doing, plus try to get up some interviews and we think it will be fun to tell you funny/interesting stories about Amy that you do not know. I hope it's alright with all of you. We've just known her so long and this part of her is new to us so we're going to give you a part of her that's new to you. Fair? FAIR! Also, Amy offered to help a wonderful woman named Lisa advertise her Etsy shop here, so I'm going to try to get in touch with her and help her do that and also there is an author that has done so much for Amy that we're going to get her book posted or banner up for advertisement as well and her name is Sandy Patsy. I'm sure you remember her from her review. We were planning an interview with her as well, but I think she wants to wait until Amy gets back and that's fine with the three of us.

Thank you again J.Kaye for such an honor. You really are a great friend to Amy and anyone that takes care of her is so special in our book. Although, we may have to stop by your blog as well, we want a chance at your wonderful raffles and serious reviews you do. If you haven't seen her review system, you should stop by. It's really unique. On top of that, she's doing every challenge under the sun, I have know idea how she has time for it all. It really is a great blog! J.Kaye, if we have any questions, would you mind us stopping by? You can answer in the comments . In turn, we'd really like to pass this type of blog award on to others, so we'll see what we can do!

The last thing for this post is this...for the last week, we've been lurking, visiting Amy's friends on their blogs and we have to say what a great place to be! You all have exciting, different and unique topics and blogs! We really know now why Amy loves this so. She does have quite a few books that she's gotten in and they are at the hospital with her. It's what she calls her "Comfort Reading" and she started writing reviews about eight years ago just to give back to her favorite authors that had gotten her through some serious tough times medically. In return, she will do just about anything to be part of a book that she loves success. We can't wait for her to be better. We miss our weekends together and our dinners out at least once a week. Get well my dear dear friend. I LOVE YOU!

I think that's all for now from us.

Respectfully - Your Resident Royal Reviewers

Vanessa, Kim and Dawn


  1. Vanessa - you can also email me directly at if you have any questions. I don't know if I'll have the answer, but I always have an!

  2. Thank you J.Kaye ~ I did tell her that she won your award and she was so happy! She can't wait to see it. I will take you up on that offer, I will need help and opinions are always good! Vanessa


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