July 16, 2009

ROYAL GIVEAWAY (*not to be missed*)

So, I've been meeting a LOT of new people and been on SO many new blogs lately that it's hard for me to keep count! I LOVE my book bloggers and can't wait to show them a little appreciation.

OK...here's the deal so far. And this is just a sneak peek...the post will go up before the end of the weekend with ALL the details. Park-Avenue Princess would like to have some more "FOLLOWERS" following publicly on her BLOG and on TWITTER...both buttons are on the side along with a "subscribe" button for email! If you do all three you will get more entries to this contest and if you pass along the word by blogging or tweeting that is going to be two more entries (Plus THREE for each blog post and tweet) also, if someone new comes in and says that YOU sent them that is going to be a (Plus as well) I'm going to add this up for you and make it easier. The winner will be posted on the last Friday of the month. Which is the last day in July!

So, basically, all you have to do is follow...

What do you win?? That's going to be determined by the number of "followers" that I get. And the winner will be drawn randomly (But your name can be put in countless times). This may be a little confusing right now, but I will make it MUCH easier (PROMISE)in my next post about this....

The winner will get a bracelet like the one pictured below made out of genuine vintage typewriter keys. I own two of these and I've bought one as a gift as well. They are gorgeous and very well made! Lizzy Bleu is a very talented girl! You'll love her etsy shop! Actually, I think I am going to do something with Lizzy Bleu like this monthly as well she has an absolutely adorable etsy shop! If you get a free moment you should check it out...very cool! Anyway, these bracelets and things usually cost about $35.00) Now, if I reach 200 followers, I will also add a gift certificate from your favorite book store to buy what you'd like...I don't know how much that certificate will be yet, but I'll let you know. The amount will go up as I get followers...(every 50 after that) so at 250 the certificate goes up and then at 300 the certificate goes up and then 350 followers (I'm sure you get the point) I'm thinking it could go up to as much as a One Hundred Dollar Gift Certificate (that I will purchase myself...depending on the followers) But, I have to start it off lower...make sense? (God, I hope so...lol) and that is PLUS Lizzy Bleu's Bracelet and then a special gift from her shop for the winner as well if a LARGE number of followers is reached. I am even thinking about having a runner-up unless YOU all think there should be just ONE winner that takes ALL!

Here's a sample of the bracelet:


I'm looking for your voice in this one ladies and gentlemen (Speaking of the guys...you don't have to take a bracelet...she has very cute cuff links as well...or whatever else may catch your eye)!

So let me know what you think! OH and if you are already a follower and you comment on the post where I tell you too...you get PLUS 10 just for already being here! OK? So, if you get in BEFORE the post that's PLUS 10...(so, what are you waiting for??)

***ONE LAST THING...I NEED SOMEONES HELP WITH A "STICKY POST" ? How do I do it? I need to keep the contest on top until the end of the month once it's fully decided and posted! (And we all know I am SO NOT COMPUTER SAVVY! : )

That's all for now! Happy Reading!!




  1. YAHOO! I was following before this post! Please count me in :)

  2. Yes, you're already a PLUS 10 Shauna! I can't wait to add more things to this one! : )

  3. If anyone know's how to sticky post and uses blogspot let me know...(or blogger) whatever you'd like to call it!

    xoxo Me

  4. I was following already too! Cool bracelet!

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  5. I am a follower already.

    I have also blogged about this contest here http://cherylsbooknook.blogspot.com/2009/07/giveaway-giveaway-giveaway.html

  6. YAY! Pam and Cheryl! Where would I be without my "already follower followers"? LOL I love ya both! Thanks for that Cheryl!!

    Do either of you know how to sticky post??

    xoxo Amy

  7. I am already following you in my google reader as well as twitter!


  8. What a cute bracelet! I'll have to check out her Etsy shop. I just became a follower :-) Great contest!!


  9. Oh, pretty. I'm following now if that counts. I hope I understood your post correctly. :)


  10. Not really sure but I think you just need to change the date of your post to a future date and it will stay on top

  11. Hi Amy - great contest, is it open to the UK? I have found this re sticky posts, I hope it's what you are talking about :) Click HERE

  12. Yes, you definitely read my post right...if ANYONE joins the blog BEFORE I make the "official post" with ALL the prizes and details get TEN extra points when they comment!

    Also, YES this contest is open WORLD WIDE!! Have Fun!

    xoxo Park-Avenue Princess

  13. YAY!, I'm new to this blog (thanks for visiting mine) and already a follower :)

  14. Alrighty...I followed the blog, Twitter, and signed up for the email subscription. I'm off to Twitter this and send more folks your way, now!

  15. I'm now following you on Twitter @sageraven and here. Love the bracelet. Glad you had this contest so I could find you. Thanks for the opportunity! Indigo


  16. Wow very cool! I am following, subscribed and twittered. I'll twitter all day LOL!

  17. Great Giveaway!! Online Publicist sent me here from her Twitter post!

    I'm a follower here on blogger and on Twitter.

    I blogged about this in my sidebar under Other Blog Giveaways.

    I signed up for email subscription.

    I tweeted about this also so you should get more followers!!


  18. I blogged about your giveaway

  19. I'm a new follower and Twitter follower - sumrthyme


  20. I'm subscribing by email too.


  21. Lazy King (Oh my...another Royal follower) I'm honored! and yes Plus TEN

    By the way, I am going to update this...I'm just waiting for prize confirmations ... but if you follow me on twitter as well before hand it will be a PLUS FIVE

    Soooo Best of luck to everyone and keep and eye out for that sticky post! and FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW

    Online Publicist thank you! thank you! thank you!

    Indigo, Natalie w. both Plus ten for you! And thank you for following ME!

    Bonnie plus ten for you and I'll add to online P as well! Thank you all SO much!

    xoxo Amy

  22. Natalie sent me over here - I seen her twitter about this. I follow.... I get the email.... and I follow on Twitter too.... all three...

    Now about the sticky post... on mine it reads like this:

    Preview Changes
    Status: Published Edit
    OK Cancel
    Visibility: Public, Sticky Edit
    Stick this post to the front page

    So it was under status.... I just found it, but I am on wordpress. Maybe yours works something like that?

  23. Oh and the bracelet - WOW! I love that! It is so me.... really it is. :)

  24. Amy!
    I am already a follower on Twitter and this blog !

  25. Thanks SO Much BookJourney...I think mine may work a bit differently...but, I'm going to give it a try!

    And Sandy Ellen Patsy ~ I've got your PLUSES already my love!

    xoxo Amy

  26. I love the use of the old typewriter keys; reminds me of those days.

  27. EVERYONE Remember to please repost @ the top sicky post so I have everything in ONE place : )

    Thanks a ton!
    xoxo Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  28. I wanna be a bookworm... please enter me... as a child I would take offense at being called a bookworm... now, I am thrilled when some call me that... I am a proud bookworm... I just signed up to follow and also subscribed... thanks

    debbebennett at yahoo dot com

  29. Just became a Park-Avenue Princess follower...and love the bracelet!!


  30. Yup - signed up on this one already! I am going to go and add you to my giveaway page... and twitter too... or is that a tweet? Tweeter? :)

  31. I posted and I follow you.... I dont see when this contest ends. Am I just missing it?

  32. You can add a gadget about your posts and do a shorter link to the actual post. That's what I do. Just add one and then drag it above the blog box.

  33. I'm a follower/subscriber x 3!


    lahlstedt (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Ok - let's see if I got all that -
    +10 was already a follower of blog
    +5 already followed on twitter (kherbrand)
    +2 - just subscribed by email
    I also tweeted


    kherbrand at comcast dot net

    cool giveaway btw

  35. I'm about to go follow you! Thanks! :)

  36. i'm a new email subscriber! that's one more for your numbers... :)


  37. I'm a follower... :)

    karen k


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