July 19, 2009


Oh how yummy! Ever want your very own Fairytale Ending? Well, now you can have one! My friend Shauna over at "BookGiveaways" aka "Trying To Stay Calm" is giving away a chance for you to win a box of your own Fairytale Brownies and do they ever look delicious! I can't think of a better way to end...well...ANYTHING! : )

Good Luck!




  1. Hi Princess :D

    I put my name in for these delicious yummies I hope you win them but then again... I wish I do to ;D They look so good.

    There are so many wonderful giveaway by bloggers, so far I have won a pair of white jeans by J Brand, they fit so well from Carrie Couture, she has some of the best giveaway and 4 books I want to read from the Hachette giveaway. I use to overlook the giveaways...no more...this princess (I am from Monaco) has fallen on hard times, at least for a while.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday Amy

    Sylvie Madeleine

    P.S. Congratulation on winning the lamp/book case what a wonderful giveaway

  2. Thanks for posting about these!
    Good Luck :)

  3. Hello - I left a little something for you at my place. Come by and get it when you have a few extra minutes;-)

  4. Wow! Madeleine! You've had a lucky streak! And thanks for the congratulations as well. Best of luck to you winning this one as well!

    Shauna ` No thank YOU for hosting this one..I kinda' am in love with the 1-800-flowers one as well! lol So, that may appear here as well!

    Thank you SO much Libby! You're always welcome here!

    xoxo Amy

  5. Oh - I thought I was signed up on this one... where else would I have signed up to win brownies???? LOL Now that's going to bug me...



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