July 23, 2009

Just A FEW things about the Giveaway!

How exciting! I'm really getting the followers I wanted. And, the good news...we're almost to 100, which is the magic number to win BOTH the jewelry and the Gift Certificate to the book store of your choice. (Online or Otherwise) Or it could be Amazon and you can buy whatever tickles ya'!

OK..a few important things. I got over FIVE emails today asking *IF* they had to post under the sticky post to be entered. My answer and I feel bad about this is technically yes. Only because I have a huge ***IMPORTANT*** up that this is the actual post about the contest with all the rules and actual prizes. There are several of you who are posted under the first post and that may be, in part, my fault. I'm sorry if I confused you. So, if you have not moved your posts over (either by copying and pasting or just adding your +'s) then I will NOT penalize you because I kinda' feel responsible!

I'm going to be having a whole new format for giveaways, a BUNCH of new book reviews, and books to giveaway as well, in the upcoming month. I have about twenty-five books to giveaway...NO LIE! I am also going to continue to work with Lizzy Bleu for a monthly prize as well. Which I believe is going to be a gift certificate so you may buy what you'd like from her shop and the amount will depend upon YOU! (And how many followers PAP receives!)

OK back to questions. When does this contest end? That would be midnight on
July 31st EST. You have until then to enter! And get as many points as you can until then. Remember each tweet and post counts!

What do you win? Right now, gorgeous VINTAGE TYPEWRITER JEWELRY from LIZZY BLEU and her etsy shop! Next month's contest is going to have another cool feature where if you bought something from her shop, you will get extra points or if you buy something there you will earn them as well (Not necessary to enter monthly)!

If you can think of anything else that you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact me at IAmHiMaintenance(at)aol(dot)com! Only ONE WEEK from tomorrow! SO let's DO this! We CAN reach 100 followers! Thanks to everyone for all of their help and cooperation for this contest!




  1. I know! I can't wait! Thanks for everything Shauna...you've been a wonderful help (spreading the news)! I'm hoping we can make at least 43 more...we'll see...that would be FANTASTIC!

    xoxo ME

  2. I love books! Very exciting for sure!

  3. Yay!! Congrats on the increase in followers! So exciting! Omg, each time I have one new one I literally do some weird dance!

  4. I just awarded your blog with the One Lovely Blog Award! Pop on over to my blog to check it out at http://alishapaige.blogspot.com.



  5. Pam ~ I have to agree with you!

    Jaime ~ You are certainly NOT the only one! LOL I do the same...shh

    Alisha! It's always so nice to "see" you! I've missed you and I'll definitely stop by to see which award I've earned! Thank you!

    xooxo Amy


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