August 14, 2009

113 Things To Do By 13 by Brittany and Terri Macleod

113 Things to do by 13
Authors: Brittany and Terri Macleod
Publisher: Harlequin
Date: May 1, 2009
Pages: 128
Available: Paperback


Have you ever traded "already been chewed gum" with your best friend? Had a sleep over? Kept a journal or diary? Do you know how to make a fiendship bracelet for your BFF and can you say "I Love You" in several different languages? What if I told you that these are just some of the things you SHOULD do by the time you're 13! That's right...13 and these are only a handful of the 113 amazingly fun things that are listed in the brand new book 113 Things to do by 13!

113 by 13 is not only hard to put down, but it brings back MANY FOND memories of my own childhood! This book is the ULTIMATE go-to guide for all tween girls! Why? Well, many reasons actually, I found it extremely FUN and EASY to read. The book itself is written like a popular magazine with pages that are pieced together like a scrapbook! Most important is the fact that it tackles ALL the tough issues girls face at that very tender and trying age where everything seems so hard. 113 Things to do by 13 keeps a positive attitude and while it may teach you "tips and tricks" for beauty essentials, it also balances it out with a much needed "LOVE the skin you're in"! If there's ONE thing that Brittany and Terri know how to do it's spread the TWEEN GIRL POWER LOVE!

I absolutely fell in love with this book and I know that girls of *ALL* ages will find something in this book to treasure! So pick it up and pass it on!!

Brittany is an 8th grader in New York City and Terri Macleod is a celebrity journalist and producer of the top-rated entertainment show Access Hollywood!


Talk about drama! Your crush likes your BFF…you've got homework up to your eyeballs…the school mean girl is on the attack…a hot party is on the agenda and you've got nothing to wear. No worries: 113 Things To Do by 13 has all the deets on stuff you need to know now!

• Secrets to a sa-weet party look from Sephora's beauty pro.
• The best (worst!) OMG moments from girls just like us.
• The crush zone—four ways to tell if your crush is into you.
• A guide to which star is your fashion mate. Is it Vanessa Hudgens? Or Amanda Bynes?
• Tips to hosting the most rockin' sleepover ever.
• Stargaze with your astro-rific BFF and zodiac-celeb crushers.
• 4-1-1 on gossip, body stuff, cyber-bullying, money-making ideas and more.

Excerpt © 113 Thing by 13 All rights reserved.

People talk a lot about how tough it is to be a teenager. But what about being a tweenager?… Talk about drama! Just cuz we're not dealing with college apps or major boy issues yet, doesn't mean serious stuff isn't happening in our lives.

We've got crazy/busy schedules, our bodies keep changing, our best buds are acting weird, our parents are bugging—and we're stressing from all the pressure to be and do a lot of different things (some of which are impossible, like getting the mean girl to hike it to another school or dating a Jonas Brother!)

I hope this book will help young girls everywhere transition into their teenage years with a positive attitude, tons of girl power, and the inspiration to be and appreciate yourself for simply BEING YOU! (Remember: it's cool to be different.)

More than 100 peeps contributed their expertise and packed the following pages with tips on everything from the coolest fashion musts to Ply crafts to smart-girl advice on gossip, cyber-bullying, crushes, body issues, and making big dreams happen at a young age. Even a few of our fave celebs, like Selena Gomez and the Camp Rock gals, shared their teen survival tips.

So, jump to your favorite section or read it cover-to-cover! May you enjoy reading 113 Things To Do By 13, as much as I liked writing it and discovering for myself why 13 is such an awesome age. Hey, there's plenty of time (at least a few years) to stress about getting our license, college, and not to mention that…work thing. So, let's kick off our teen years in a super fab way and celebrate all the great things we can do and learn right now.

About Brittany and Terri:

taken from

Brittany MacLeod is a 14-year-old eighth grader at New York Prep in New York City. Besides being an avid writer and an adventurous city kid, she’s also grown up in and around the entertainment business (her mother, Terri, is an entertainment producer, writer, and reporter).

She’s often on celebrity red carpets, and attends premieres, fashion shows and dozens of celebrity junkets.

She’s met (and been photographed) with everyone from The Jonas Brothers to Zac Efron to Hilary Duff to Miley Cyrus to the Gossip Girl cast (to name just a few). Plus, she’s a teen reporter for teen volunteer group Do Something and covers the celebrity charity beat.


Also, Brittany has her own blog on the tween Web site and writes about celebrity news and cool new trends. Brittany gets the ups and downs of being 13 and the need for a tween-friendly book that speaks a young teen’s lingo and can help navigate life’s curves (of which there are many) with a little silliness, a lot less drama, and tons of confidence. She created 113 Things To Do by 13 to spread this message: “Let’s be ourselves, love ourselves, learn a little something, and have an awesome time.”

Brittany’s mother, Terri MacLeod, has been a celebrity journalist for over 15 years. Presently, she is a senior producer at the top-rated entertainment show Access Hollywood. On a daily basis, Ms. MacLeod is at the epicenter of the celebrity loop—writing, reporting and covering everything celebrity. She has interviewed every major A-list star, covered hundreds of red carpet events, has been backstage on photo shoots, fashion shows — you name it!

Ms. MacLeod also writes an eco-celebrity column for the green Web site She is a freelance writer on celebrity/lifestyle issues for numerous publications, including a stint as a longtime contributing editor at In Touch Weekly, where she originated and wrote weekly pieces on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Besides her work in the celebrity world, Ms. MacLeod’s enjoys working with and writing about teenagers. She loves to help young girls develop a can-do attitude. Ms. MacLeod’s dream is to run workshops for young teens and help girls transition into their teens with inspiration, confidence and positive self-esteem.

Please stay tuned for an Interview with Terri Macleod and a an incredibly awesome giveaway with a chance for THREE of MY READERS to win a copy of 113 THINGS TO DO BY 13 of their very own!!

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  1. I love that this book tries to give young girls a positive attitude. I think the teen years have gotten so much harder since I was that age eons ago.

  2. I have to agree with you! It's such a fantastic book! I wish it was around when I was 13! I enjoyed it even though I'm...well, older than that!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    xoxo Amy

  3. man i really want to read this!

    p.s. i have an award for ya!

  4. here's the link chorry haha

  5. Excellant review - and I've got a tweenager with a birthday at the beginning of the month. So she is now getting this book. Thanks Amy!!


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