September 20, 2009

Who Wants it?

OK...I've decided that by emailing ALL the people that win here at "Park-Avenue Princess" is taxing on the French Manicure.  So, what I've decided to do is this...

When someone wins and already has a copy of the book OR if someone doesn't contact me within 48 hours of winning, it then becomes fair game for ANYONE of my followers that wants it.  And this doesn't only go for the books, it goes for any prize!  How will it work? First person to contact me through my "Contact" button up top with the name of the book/prize  that they want, gets it!  It's that simple! 

I'm going to start right now with -


You want it?  Contact me!!

Ready... Set... GO!!

KISSES ~ x0xx


  1. I have heard good things about it. Pick me. I emailed you too.

  2. I'll take it???

    hefollowedme AT gmail DOT com

  3. Neat idea - I sent you a message :)

  4. I'd like it!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I want it!!!

    dancealert at aol dot com

  6. I think that 48 is a little short. What if someone is out of town?

  7. J.T. You're right...So, if someone is going out of town, or will be away during a contest and are worried that they might win and will not be back to claim their winnings. Please feel free to email me or contact me through the blog and let me know how long you'll be gone for. I'll gladly hold the book or the prize!

    Thank you J.T. : )

    x0xx The Princess


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