October 4, 2009

Congratulations! Continuing! and Coming Soon!

I've got another HUGE list of WINNERS! and I LOVE it!  Speaking of Winners, you can win your CHOICE of Zombie Books Just for Tweeting from NOW until Oct. 8th. Those details can be found HERE! I hope you'll join me.  I'm really excited to be hosting my very first ever Twitter contest for author E. Van Lowe, who just happened to write one of the Zombie novels that are up for grabs "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie".  Mr. Van Lowe has graciously offered each daily prize and if you choose his book, he will be sending it to you *Signed*! Daily Winners will be posted on his blog, which you are welcomed to follow - HERE! If you'd like to know more about E. Van Lowe or his latest release, you can also join his NING Group - HERE! (Please make sure you friend me!) 

I also have another Really Big ... Really Really Big Contest coming up and some other really great giveaways.  Oh... and actually back to "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie", I have a review, interview/guest post with Mr. Van Lowe and a giveaway of my own,  including a copy of "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie" and a really adorable ZOMBIE LOVE T-Shirt which can be Seen and/or Purchased HERE with a lot of other really cool Zombie items! Did I mention that the design is absolutely adorable? Because it IS!

I know... I know... You want me to STOP talking and Start the Winner's List!  Can I just say *one last thing?  I have this month's BIG Lizzy Bleu Winner which means that the new contest will be listed soon (pssst ... tommorrow) So, definitely come back here and sign up to win, if you're not this month's lucky winner!  OK! I'll stop rambling now and be on with the winners! (Remember You've Got 48 Hours to Get Back to Me!)

FIVE Lucky Readers who Won a copy of "RUINED" -

JuJu From Tales of Whimsy

The BIG Monthly $50.00 Lizzy Bleu Giveaway Winner -


FIVE Lucky Readers who Won a Copy of "Cult Insanity" -

Linda K.

FIVE Lucky Reads to who Won a Copy of "Imposter's Daughter" -

Rhapsody In Books


I've got MORE Giveaways, Contests and Winners Coming Up!!

Thank you ALL for Following, Playing and Commenting! If it weren't for you, this blog would not be able to Grow!  Also, Now that I've reached an amazing 500 Followers, I've got a HUGE Giveaway to Celebrate in the Making as we Speak!  I Appreciate Each and Every One of You!

(The One and Only)


  1. I can't believe I won Lizzy's giveaway. So exciting. I emailed you back. And yay for all the followers + big giveaway.


  2. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you
    *happy dance*


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