January 4, 2012

Another New Year ... Do I Need A Resolution?

I can't believe another year has passed and it's time to start again!  I've finally been able to catch up on all of my favorite blogs, close friends and authors and I have to say that you all are INSPIRING!! Exhausing too..No, seriously after catching up with all all of your amazing blogs,   the only thing this Princess needed was a NAP!  Maybe a glass of wine, but that's it!  I couldn't even look at another resolution! Just take a glance, the book blogging/blogging community as a whole is not a lazy group.  Go ahead go to any one and look (I'll wait) ... There are already Numerous Challenges that you've set for yourselves and SO many books and pages you want to read, you have resolutions that promise weight loss and to be better parents.  You're swearing to post AT least three posts a day (I'm just swearing) and if that's not good enough... Some of you, and and I won't mention specfic names, have already written three-fourths of your novel and are hoping to get some of your favorites OFF the Banned Book List!  I'm so not kidding.   

Sorry, I was just hyperventilating thinking about the fact that I'll never post three times a day EVER! So, yes, inspiring! Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing group of readers/writers for another year.  It's really what gets me through so many though days. I hope to bring you more this year and only the best!  I have been planning this out for a while. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works out the way I want it too. I look forward to seeing you and all of your achievements!  Now go out there and make me proud! 

Happy New Year!!