August 25, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Today's winner of the AUTOGRAPHED copy of "THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES" by KATIE WILLIAMS is ...



You ALL have about a WEEK left to enter the ever so ADORABLE J*FLOPS GIVEAWAY! Plus, if you join the J*FLOPS Facebook Page, not only do you get to keep up with all of the upcoming contests and information, you also get + 25  points added to your score for the giveaway! Seriously, these are THE MOST adorable Flip Flops I've ever owned and they're SUPER COMFORTABLE! I know that's hard to believe, but wait until see them! Three winners will each have their dream flops soon!  OH, and don't forget that you can get 15% off RIGHT NOW until August 31st just by typing in the code PRINCESS at checkout!  Your discount will automatically be taken off! How easy is that?  At J*Flops, they'll even do custom pairs of flops...that means anything at all that you want, Jennifer can do for you! Check out their page and see for yourself!

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Lauren, You have 48 hours to get back to me with your address so that I can get you your prize! Thank you everyone for participating!  Don't forget that I have a Nook coming up for you VERY SOON! What's going to kick it off? 1,000 GFC Followers!!

Kisses and Toodles!!

August 12, 2010

Quick Question - I Need Help Please!

So, I have a really quick question that I can't figure out on my own but I it can be done because I've seen it on some of the other fantastic blogs that I visit! I know how to put a link under a word so that you can click back or refer back to a page BUT (and here's my question) how do you put a link under a picture or photo so that you can click back to page other than my own?  Say I had a cover of a book up and I wanted to reference it back to either it's page on Goodreads, the Author's Site, or The Publisher's Page? How would I do that? 

If you've done this before, or if you simply know how to do it and feel comfortable leaving the answer in the comments, you can do that or just hit the "Contact Me" button up top and I'll get your message directly and forever be in your royal debt! *smile*  Thank You SO Much!

I've been up reading some really adorable books lately and have some reviews along with some fantastic contests coming up! Don't forget, it's almost time to give away the Brand New B&N NOOK! I'd like to get to 1,000 GFC Followers before giving it away, but the acutal post may be going up before that point! While you're here don't forget to enter to win you're J*FLOPS! and tonight is the last night to enter your Autographed copy of  "The Space Between Trees" by Katie Williams!


August 7, 2010

Saturday Spotlight!

Well, here it is! My FIRST Saturday Spotlight since I've been back! I'm going to try to introduce you to as many new blogs and bloggers as I can! I've had a great response to The Saturday Spotlight but a slow response time in getting the questions back to me.  I will keep the feature every week that I can because I think it's important to find new blogs to read weekly and new friends to meet!  If you're interested in being spotlighted here, don't hesitate to hit the "contact me" button and I'll be sure to get right back to you!

I hope you enjoy this week's Spotlight Blog and Blogger! You certainly won't find this sweet little flower hanging around the garden...

What's Your Name? My name is top-secret classified information, but you can call me Orchid.

Alias? Orchid Forsythia

Your Blog Name? The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Why did You Choose that Specific Name? I chose The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia, because I thought it sounded really cool and original, plus it kind of gives my blog an air of mystery.

Where can we find you on the net? (A.K.A. Your Blog URL) -

*Go Ahead and Look I'll Wait ...*

Can you give us a quick bio about yourself?   About me, hmm, I love to read and can practically always be found with my nose in a book. And if I'm not reading I am working on my blog.

Why did you start your blog? I wanted to share my personal thoughts on the books that I read. I’ve also found that it’s a great way to find neww books and authors that I might never have bothered looking into reading.

What is your favorite genre and/or genres? My favorite genres are YA, fantasy, mystery sci-fi, horror, and supernatural. I also have a soft spot for mangas.

Who is your favorite author? My all-time favorite author would have to be Agatha Christie, she
completely rocks. Her mysteries are some of the best I have ever read

What's your favorite book of all time? I guess I would have to say that "Death on the Nile" by Agatha Christie is my favorite book, but there’re a ton of books that are tied for second.

Has there ever been a book you've "faked" reading? No. If I didn’t like it enough to finish, I’m going to be truthful and say that I didn’t finish it.

What are you currently reading? Will there be a review/reviews in the works? I am currently reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. Yes, there will be a review sometime in the future for it. I am also currently
working on a review for Seeker by William Nicholson; hopefully I’ll have it up by the end of the week.

Please Name & Describe Your Blog Features:  I participate in quite a few memes,  like, Teaser Tuesday, where you post a short teaser from your current read; In My Mailbox, where you post about books and book swag that you have received, bought, or borrowed; Wish List Wednesday where you tell about a book that you are looking forward to buying. I have also begun accepting affiliates, and still have a few open slots. While I really enjoy doing memes, my favorite feature on my blog is reviews. I love reviewing books and introducing other people to new books and authors.

Describe your review system: My review system is probably one of the least complicated ones. 1 pineapple, means it was a complete waste of my time; 2 pineapples, means I just didn’t enjoy it; 3 pineapples, means it was good, but not necessarily something I’d re-read; 4 pineapples means that I really liked it; 5 pineapples means that I loved it and would recommend it to everyone.

How is your blog unique from other blogs? I think what makes my blog unique is that I review more obscure books and tend to read to the beat of my own drum.

How do you market your blog Orchid? By commenting on other blogs, and participating in challenges and guesting at other blogs.

Can you give us 3 tips about content? Tip number one: try not to include spoilers in your reviews, it tends to turn people off from reading a book where they already know the big twist. Tip number two: to keep in mind that authors are real people to, so try to keep the snarkiness to a minimum. Tip number three: Make sure you have the correct info about a book (i.e. author’s name, title, pub date…).

How about tips on Blog promotion? Two good ways to promote our blog would have to be, commenting on and following other blogs. Because you’ve got to get your blog out into the blogosphere if you want to get noticed.
Thank Youfor having me at Park-Avenue Princess. It has been a blast!

You're more than Welcome Orchid! I hope you'll continue to stop back and you know you're always welcome here! By the way, the J*Flops Giveaway and The Space Between Trees (autographed copy) Giveaway are both still open! Plus, I have some more to put up this week along with some great authors stopping by Park-Avenue Princess! Don't forget that it's almost time for me to list the Brand New Nook Giveaway, we're very close to the 1,000 Followers Celebration

Again, if  YOU Would Like to be a Part of The SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT just drop me a note or if you're comfortable with putting it in the comments section you can do that and I will get back to you immediately! There's a lot that we can do with the Saturday Spotlight! It's a great way to meet new people, find new blogs to read and help each other bring in new followers! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!




August 4, 2010

Got Flops? Giveaway Reminder!


I do and you can too! How? You just may be ONE of the THREE LUCKY Winners here at Park-Avenue Princess if you enter the fantastic Giveaway I have going on right now from J*FLOPS!  It seems there was some confusion with the end date of this Giveaway and I'm happy to report that you have plenty of time to enter! J*FLOPS has adorable flip flops for Special Occasions, Everyday or if you want something that no one else has they'll make a Custom pair just for YOU!  This Giveaway isn't ending until Midnight on Tuesday, August 31st (EST)! You have almost an entire month to get your entries in and to spread the word! A direct link to the Giveaway can be found HERE!

Jennifer, Owner and Designer of J*FLOPS, will be making THREE of my LUCKY readers Extremely Happy with their dream pair of J*FLOPS for this Giveaway! Not not only that but, Jennifer has very generously offered a 15% discount  on any order placed on the J*FLOPS web site beginning now and running through the last day of August! So, if there is a pair or paris that you MUST have, now would be a great time to do it! All you have to do is enter the code PRINCESS at checkout and your discount will automatically be taken off! Remember, you have until Tuesday, AUGUST 31st, at Midinight EST! Just incase you missed the Giveaway link at the top all you have to do is click right - HERE!

As always, GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!!


July 30, 2010

J*Flops Review & Giveaway!

J*Flops! Not "Just Flops" by any means but, "Just Fabulous" comes to my mind every single time I slip mine on! When I found out that I that I would be working with Jennifer, the Owner/Designer of J*Flops, I was SO excited! I read about her company, how she got started and most of all, I glanced over all the choices before me.  Jennifer is a seriously talented woman and she makes her flip flops with a ton of love! 

I chose the "Kate" flip flops in black, but had Jennifer customize them with a gorgeous square crystal in the middle and of course a raised sole (considering this princess is...well, let's just say petite). They came out completely GORGEOUS and I am totally in LOVE with J*FLOPS! I can dress them up with a sundress or down with a pair of jeans or jean shorts.  Every time I slide these on my feet thank me and I get a ton of compliments.  Not only that, I get asked "What store did you buy those? They're SO CUTE!" or "Did you just get those?  I've really never seen flip flops like that! Where did you get them?"  J*Flops are a girls best friend.  That's why I'm giving them my official FIVE TIARA REVIEW! 

J*Flops is a Sacramento-based flip flop design company started for the pure joy of making girls' feet everywhere happy and stylish! Five years later Jennifer, the Owner/Designer STILL personally designs each pair with that in mind.  This is one company that I personally can't get enough of!  The flops are amazing and so is the owner of J*Flops!  I love the versatility that each pair has and why each person may go looking to J*Flops.  In California or for warmer weddings, why would some brides or bridesmaids choose to wear uncomfortable heels all day? Jennifer color matches each flop to the swatch that is sent and knows just how special your big day is!  What about prom? Yes, J*Flops are amazing enough for even the most special days of your life. But, from what I can see, my J*Flops can make everyday a special day!  I've put them on and I haven't turned back!  Not convinced? I invite you to watch their very first commercial!

As you can see, they have flops for Weddings, Special Occasions, Everyday and Even Children's Flops!  But I think their biggest draw may be their Custom Flops! That's right, Jennifer will design Flops just the way you want and not just for the big day, how about flops that say "YOU" - any day

Why? Because there is absolutely something for everyone, even the littlest flip flop lover and if you can't decide, Jennifer will custom make you J*Flops so that they're one-of-a-kind and say YOU all over them! You can't go wrong with J*Flops!  These are high quality, well-made flops and do not irritate the sensitive area in between your toes. They're made with the finest materials and with a whole lot of love and care!  I will have TWO PAIR to GIVEAWAY to TWO Lucky Winners Here at Park-Avenue Princess from Jennifer.  These Two winners will be able to choose whichever pair they'd like or they can make a custom pair of J*flops!  As an extra bonus, I also have a Brand-New Pair of the "Kate" Flops In Black with a Clear Crystal in the middle (with the Raised Bottom), just like the J*Flops that I chose, to Giveaway as well from Jennifer at J*Flop! That's a Total of THREE Lucky Winners!  Thank you for being SO generous Jennifer!

I have another Fabulous J*Flop Thing to tell you!  Are you ready?  Jennifer at J*Flops is celebrating her 5 year Anniversary! Congratulations Jennifer! She's So excited about her accomplishment (and I am just as happy for her) that she has offered to give all of my reader's 15% off any order placed with J*Flops from NOW until AUGUST 31st!  This is an amazing opportunity to own your favorite pair of J*flops right now! All you have to do is type in the code PRINCESS at checkout and your discount will be automatically taken off!  The contest for the Three Lucky J*FLOP Winners will go through the entire month of August and will be ending on Tuesday, AUGUST 31st at Midnight! So, you have plenty of time to enter!

Trust me, if there is a pair you must have now and want to enjoy for the rest of the summer, this is one purchase you will not regret! Take a look at just some of the love left from their customers!  This summer has been so warm and the *perfect* summer to wear your favorite pair of flip flops! Or should I say pairs?

J*Flops has found one more happy customer for life! I can't tell you just how in love I am with shoes in general or how hard I am to please when it comes to my shoes! J*Flops has certainly won my heart and I can bet they'll win yours too! 


Your Flip Flops are going to be sent out by J*Flops!
The contest is open to ANYONE that has an address
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I want you to head on over to the J*Flops Web Site and tell me which pair you'd LOVE to own, your size & why! Also, I need to know If you are interested in the black Kate's and are a size 8/9! You MUST do this step to QUALIFY! You may also choose to tell me about a custom pair if you'd like! Choose wisely! The pair tell me you can't live without, is the pair you will win!

Also to qualify, I ask that you please leave your name/nickname
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so that it will be clear if you are chosen as the winner. You must also leave
me with your emailing address so that you can be contacted (even if it is in your profile).

*This Contest ends 8/31/10*

There are Changes so Make Sure You Read!

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July 27, 2010

And The Winner Is...

And the winner is for this month's $50.00 Gift Certificate for anything at all in Lizzy Bleu's Etsy Shop is ...


Lady_Tink, you've been emailed and have 48 hours to contact me back!  If for some reason you don't claim your prize, I will have to draw another winner. I had to get that out of the way. Enough of that talk...


For those of you that didn't win, I will be listing the J*FLOP GIVEAWAY tonight and another Lizzy Bleu Giveaway will be coming up shortly! Stay tuned, you don't want to miss what I have coming from J*FLOPS!


July 23, 2010

Last Day for Lizzy Bleu Giveaway & Upcoming Giveaway News!

Just a little reminder that tonight at midnight is the close of this month's Lizzy Bleu $50.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!  If you haven't visited her Etsy Shop yet, you can be transported magically by clicking right HERE! But once you do there's no turning back. I know you're going to IN on the $50.00 Giveaway as well. So, what I'm going to do is leave this link HERE for you.  That one will bring you to Lizzy's current Giveaway!

These will be happening monthly and there are SO many wonderful things about Lizzy! She will do personalized items, bookish items and she updates her items at least weekly! If you see something you like, my advice, get it! She makes not only gorgeous things but they're quality made items too.  Plus I know she packs them with love and her packaging is amazing! I know because I own a ton of her jewelry!

I also have another HUGE giveaway coming up for you and they're not just your average flip flops. They're J*Flops and talk about unlike any flip flop I've ever seen! I'm totally in love! This Review and Giveaway will be posted *Very Soon* (and I mean VERY)! So, start looking at the J*Flops site so you'll be able to tell me which pair you'd LOVE to have or customize a pair to fit your personality! Yes, that means a pair that no one else will have! Believe me, J*Flops can do it! They're unbelievable!  I LOVE mine and am having her work on two more pair for me!  This upcoming Giveaway will have TWO Winners and because J*Flops wants EVERYONE to feel like a winner and be able to try out their amazing flops, as of RIGHT NOW on the J*Flops Site if you find a pair you MUST have, type in the code PRINCESS at check out and you'll receive 15% off your order from NOW until August 31st! You and your feet will both thank me (and J*Flops!)

Also, I need you to watch your mailboxes because I do have some winners for books and I'll be waiting for your addresses so that I can send them out to the publishers or authors.  Below is the chance for you to win Katie Williams debut Autographed book "The Space Between Trees ". An amazing YA Thriller!  More books will be coming with a chance for you to win!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use the "Contact Me" button and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, or if you want to leave your question in the comments section, you may do that as well.  The "Contact Me" button will be answered privately.

Oh....and one more little thing, I've got a brand new B&N Nook that one of my loyal & royal followers will win! Soon the post will be up on how YOU can win! I'd like to reach at least 1,000 GFC Followers! So, all you need to do for me right now is spread the word about Park Avenue Princess - Royal Reviews & Book News! Let them know about the Reviews, Amazing Authors that stop here, and yes the Giveaways!  Thank you all for helping Park Avenue Princess grow into what it's become today! I've met so many wonderful, caring friends here in the book blogging community, ones that I wouldn't give up for the world!  I review as a "Thank You" to all of the Authors that help me escape and bring me comfort each day.  But, I started this site to be my one voice to a community of so many amazing people.  My like-minded, book obsessed friends :)

Well, what are you still standing here for! You have TWO amazing sites to go check out! But, please do come back and tell me what you think when you're done.  :)

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun!


Guest Katie Williams & Giveaway!

The Space Between Trees
Author: Katie Williams
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Hello Everyone!

Today I have the honor of having Author, Katie Williams here at Park Avenue Princess as part of the official blog tour for her debut book, "The Space Between Trees"! You can find my review here. I don't want to take too much time with the introduction (we all know how I love to talk), so I'm going to lend my throne, tiara, and whatever else Katie needs here in the castle to make her feel at home. I'm now going to let Katie speak to you about her phenomenal new book.  Please make her feel welcome!

A Very Bad Princess

Once upon a time there was a plain peasant girl—scuffs on her shoes, dirt under her fingernails—who was invited to sit on the princess’s throne for an entire day. That’s me, Katie Williams, scepter in hand, feeling atypically regal since our highness has invited me here to tell you about my debut novel, The Space Between Trees.

The Space Between Trees doesn’t have any princesses in it, no castles or charging steeds, nary a fairy godmother to be seen. But, like many good fairytales, it features a girl who has been overlooked.

Sixteen-year-old Evie somehow missed out on making friends, real friends anyway. She doesn’t have a boyfriend either, although she’s convinced the girls at school that she’s involved in a flourishing romance with college dropout Jonah Luks. Still, try as she might, she remains lonely, quirky, and anonymous. But all that changes when Evie spies the police pulling a murdered schoolmate’s body from the woods behind her paper route, and suddenly she’s at the center of the story everyone wants to hear. Eager for attention, Evie exaggerates her connection the dead girl, thereby drawing herself into a wrongheaded murder “investigation” that questions truth and fiction, innocence and guilt.

Perched here on my borrowed throne, I can’t help but think about princesses, and how being a princess is not about the sparkling tiaras and drool-worthy gowns (well, maybe it’s a little bit about the gowns), but is really about being kind and virtuous. After all, Cinderella was a princess on the inside way before she got the fairy-godmother makeover. By such standards, my protagonist Evie is very unprincesslike. She lies; she manipulates; she connives. And her machinations lead to serious trouble and permanent loss.

Does Evie sound like a horrible person to you? She makes some huge mistakes; it’s true. So how could I write a character who behaves so very badly? Well, I liked Evie because, despite her flaws, she was interested in the world around her and, also, she was daring. She’d do things I never would, even if some of those things were the wrong things. Furthermore, I understood Evie. Her bad behavior came from the same desires that make the princess character such an appealing fantasy: She wanted to feel special, pretty, and most of all, loved. And once I understood Evie better, I felt I could write more of her story to see where her lies led, to discover if she would eventually accept her rags and discover the secret that all true princesses know: She is special because she is herself.

You can read more about The Space Between Trees, including the first chapter, on my website,

Thank you SO much Katie for being here at the castle today! As a special surprise, Katie is offering one of my *Very Lucky* Loyal & Royal Readers a chance to WIN their very own AUTOGRAPHED Hardcover Copy of "The Space Between Trees"!


This book is going to be signed and sent from Chronicle Books
So, I ask that you have a US or Canadian Address that the
book can be sent to! It's open to anyone that FOLLOWS
with either a US or Canadian Address in which to receive the book.

Most important you must follow through Google Friend Connect!

Don't know how? Go here to get instructions!
First I'd like you to head on over to Katie Williams' web site and tell me one thing you've learned about Katie or her book or you may think of a question you'd like to ask Katie! You MUST do this step to QUALIFY! If you choose the question option, you get +25 per question you ask with a limit of TWO QUESTIONS per person. leaving you with a total of +50 for asking Katie TWO QUESTIONS that have to do with today's post, her writing, her debut novel, something VALID please!

Also to qualify, I ask that you please leave your name/nickname
in each post you leave. Something that separates you from everyone else
so that it will be clear if you are chosen as the winner. You must also leave
me with your emailing address so that you can be contacted (even if it is in your profile).

This contest is open to ANYONE that Follows with GFC - Anywhere In the WORLD!
*But, you MUST have either a U.S. or CANADIAN ADDRESS to
accept the book for you. Overseas shipping is not available for this contest!

*This Contest ends 8/13/10*


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So, spread the word about Park-Avenue Princess!
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I've got a NOOK here with someone's name on it and
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is 1,000 GFC Followers. I also have some
Amazing Prizes coming up that
you don't want to miss!

+50 for each and every NEW follower you bring me
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(All of these will be verified before they count towards your entries!!)

Separate your entries one per post! (either each or just +5 for example)
Or you will only have One Entry Regardless of What You Do!



The Space Between by Katie Williams

The Space Between Trees
Author: Katie Williams
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Published: June 23, 2010
Pages: 280
Price (Hardcover) : $17.99
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-8118-7175-4
Reading Level: Young Adult


Not your everyday coming-of-age novel…

This story was supposed to be about Evie—how she hasn't made a friend in years, how she tends to stretch the truth (especially about her so-called relationship with college drop-out Jonah Luks), and how she finally comes into her own once she learns to just be herself—but it isn't. Because when her classmate Elizabeth "Zabet" McCabe's murdered body is found in the woods, everything changes…and Evie's life is never the same again.

My Thoughts:

First of all just let me admit that I loved this book when I saw the cover! Yes, it was Cover Love! I had HIGH Hopes for this book! Also, there's nothing better than a thriller that keeps me up all hours of the night.  So, I put this book on a pedestal before I even opened it.  Sometimes I do that and it's a bad thing, because I've built it up so much in my mind and then I read it and I say "That was good, but..." Not in this case!

"THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES" was a beautifully written story about a girl who has no friends and is just forced to grow up so faced. I was amazed at how daring Evie could be at times and how fragile at others.  It's true that Evie didn't fit in, and I'll explain that a little bit below, but how many teenagers do.  This book will be a helpful to so many teens that feel like they're left out or they don't have a boyfriend but want one.  How about everyone else has done that.  I remember Evie saying something like "I've done nothing" when being questioned over and over as to what she's done, and how dangerous she is. 

No matter where Evie goes, she just doesn't seem to fit in.  At school she sits with a bunch of girls she's nicknamed "The Whisperers" just because they didn't protest and she doesn't have any real friends.  So, she makes up stories and lies to keep them entertained and at least talking to her.  Sadly enough Evie does the same at home.  Evie's parents have been divorced since she was a little girl and she only has two real memories of her father.  What really bothers Evie is that her mother was this super-popular teenage girl with like a million friends and sees no reason that Evie shouldn't be doing the same things she did. She's always asking her about friends, so Evie lies to her mother as well and makes up stories about "The Whisperers" just to make her mother happy.   The only friend Evie ever had was a girl named Elizabeth MaCabe but that was long before now, that was in grammar school and it was only because Elizabeth's mother used to watch Evie for a little while.  Once that stopped and they got older, Zabet got with the wrong crowd, and began to hang out with a new best friend Hadley Smith.  She was known as the tough girl in school.  Zabet's Hello's went to mere eye contact down to nothing at all. 

There is something Evie looks forward to, and that's every Sunday when she's delivering her papers.  She gets to see Jonah.  Jonah's a college boy that she has a serious crush on, of course this is a one way street. He sees her as his sometimes friend and they talk briefly.  His job is to collect all the dead animals that are in the woods close to the homes in the upscale neighborhood where Evie also delivers her papers. One day it all changes when she sees Jonah come out of the woods and go into an old woman's house. Suddenly, the police are everywhere and Evie is too scared to move from the spot she's crouched in.  Many things race through her head, she wonders what could've happened and suddenly inches away she's passed by a body bag.  Evie watches as they load the body onto the truck and even as she hears Jonah call her name for the first time, all she can do at that point is run. Later she finds out from her mother that Zabet has been murdered.

I could go on and on about how she gets together with Mr. MaCabe, Zabet's father or how about how she finally finds a best friend and you won't believe who it is. All these things happen because of her lies that keep getting bigger and bigger.  But, Evie is a lovable character and she can tell the truth and most of all, she knows who she is.  Hadly is obsessed with finding Zabet's killer and so, together they make a list and do some private investigating of their own.  Who killed Zabet? It's a long list of suspects and yes, it is tied up at the end.

Katie Williams did an AMAZING job with "THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES"! The depth of Evie's character alone and the storyline had me up two nights in a row until the wee hours of the morning.  But it's not just Evie's character that will get you, it's just about all of them.  Even the background characters had enough depth for me to connect with them and to HAVE to know what was going to happen next.  I hope that there is more coming for Katie Williams, she's a brilliant storyteller!  "THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES" is not to be missed!

About The Author:

Katie Williams is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Texas at Austin and has published numerous short stories for adults. She lives in San Francisco, where she currently teaches writing at the Academy of Art. This is her first young adult novel.

Read the First Chapter Here!

If you'd like a chance to WIN an AUTOGRAPHED copy of "THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES" then wait right here, as part of the Official Blog Tour, today is my stop and Katie Williams has prepared a Guest Post just for Park-Avenue Princess! At the end, I'll tell you how ONE of my VERY Lucky Royal Readers Will Win a copy to treasure for their very own!


July 18, 2010

Finn Throws A Fit! by David Elliot

Finn Throws A Fit
Author: David Elliott
Illustrator: David Basil Ering
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: August, 2009
Pages: 40
Price (Hardcover) : $16.99/20.00
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-2356-2
Age Range: 2 yrs - 4 yrs
Grade Range: Preschool


Finn likes peaches. Usually. But not today. Today Finn doesn’t like anything. Uh-oh. Is Finn going to thow a fit? Author David Elliott directs the event with wit, warmth, and appropriate wariness, while illustrator Timothy Basil Ering's energy and whmsy match this tantrum turn for turn. At once empathetic and uproariously funny, this picture book speaks directly to anyone (young or old) who has ever had -- or tried to contain -- a real earth-quaking, ground-shaking, full-on fit.

Who among us hasn't encountered that force of nature called "a fit"? A best-selling author and illustrator depict a toddler’s tantrum in all its horror and hilarity.

My Thoughts:

I knew I wanted to review "Finn Throws A Fit" the moment I saw the cover! Yes, it was love at first sight for me and well, let's just say that I haven't stopped reading it since! Who hasn't been going about their business and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it seems like this precious child has gone from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds and over what? Everyone in the room and even if it's just you is looking around like ... "Excuse me? Where is my lovable, sweet child and..... [insert long pause]  What did you do with him?"

That's adorable Finn! Oh, he usually likes peaches but, his mother gave him the mistake of thinking he might like some today. Finn doesn't like peaches today.  Finn doesn't like ANYTHING today and EVERYONE is! You see Finn doesn't just throw any 'ol toddler fit, he throws THE FIT to END ALL FITS!  He throws a full on tantrum and soon there is thunder in the nursery, lightening in the kitchen, and even a blizzard in the bathroom! Imagine what goes on in the rest of the house!

I have to say that Finn is one of the most adorably drawn characters I've seen in a long time! The illustrations are beautifully done throughout the book and the story is sure to make both parents and children alike laugh outloud.  I have bought two of these books already as gifts.  What can I say, Finn had my heart at page one.  His little blue blankie and those yellow boots, peaches or not, I'll take him home any day! If you're looking for a fun book to read aloud with your favorite little one, look no further, you've found it in "Finn Throws A Fit!"  

About The Author:

Some things you may not have known about David Elliot (as taken from his bio page).

1.  I love corny jokes. (Did you hear about the little girl who ate bullets? Her hair grew out in bangs.)

2.  I can yodel.

3.  I would like to live in Paris.

4.  I give my dog a big juicy kiss every morning.

5.  Three of my favorite kids' books are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Kidnapped by Robert Lewis Stevenson and Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit.

6.  Three of my favorite books for adults are My Antonia by Willa Cather, Bleak House by Charles Dickens and The Diary of Helena Morely translated from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Bishop.

7.  When I was twelve I worked on a dairy farm, but for only one day because the farmer said I made the cows nervous.

8.  I love pancakes.

9.  I am almost always on a diet (see No. 8).

10. Frogs give me the creeps.


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July 16, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Personalized

So, remember a while back when I told you that I was chosen by ABC Family to be a Secret Keeper and Play the Pretty Little Liars Game? Well the character I was playing was "Spencer Hastings" who in the book series is my favorite! This had to be one of the best experiences of my life! I met a lot of nice bloggers and I had a great team.  I was notified by mail that as a winner of the Secret Keepers Game, I got to ask the real Spencer, Troian Bellisario a question, and she would personally answer *MY* question! I was freaking out! So many questions went through my mind, and we were asked to put down more than one question - did I mention we had a day to do this? OK, so I'm nervous and excited all at the same time as I'm writing my questions to Troian wondering which one the staff will pick.  Yesterday in my mailbox, I found my answer.  A personalized video to me on with my question with an answer and a "Thank You" from Troian, herself! Are you ready to see?  Me too!! (AGAIN)

I never get tired of watching that!

I loved the game and I love ABC Family for making me a part of this amazing opportunity! Most of all I can't stress how much I love both the Pretty Little Liars Books and the New Show which you can find on ABC Family every Tuesday night at 8pm EST!

I had a blast being Spencer Hastings for about a month and a half! We each got texts from "A" the same way they do on the show and each of us would be given a challenge.  If we didn't do the challenge or do it to "A's" liking then an embarrassing personal secret would be revealed about us right in our group for everyoe to read.  The more secrets you kept, the better off you were. I should let you in on some of the challenges we had to do...that is, if you're interested.

I do have a little question for you my loyal and royal readers. Which is YOUR Favorite character on Pretty Little Liars and if you could ask her any question, what would it be?

Thanks again to ABC Family!


July 13, 2010

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween
Author: Althea Kontis
Illustrator:  Bob Kolar
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: July 13, 2010
Pages: 40
Price (Hardcover) : $15.00/$18.00
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-3966-2
Age Range: 4 yrs - 8 yrs
Grade Range: Preschool - Grade 3


Ack! It’s time for the show, and A isn’t ready. But then again, Halloween can only start with one letter, no matter how the A-B-Cs normally go! The misbehaving alphabet is back, and there’s no telling who will take the stage next. Z for zombie? P for pirate? Will X think of something good in time? Neon-bright, comically detailed illustrations show a cacophony of costumed letters, each with a mind and personality all its own. Along the bottom, tiny pumpkins arrange the players in proper order, making this alphabet story letter-perfect for Halloween.

H gets top billing -- but a stubborn B has something scary to say -- as the inside-out alphabet gives a howl-arious Halloween performance.

My Thoughts:

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween is an adorable book of a mixed-up alphabet filled with letters that each have a personality and a mind of their own! The alphabet is going to put on a Halloween play so get your ticket and take your seats! When A gets called out first he knows his place.  Besides, he's not ready getting dressed and, you can't start a Halloween play without "H"going first! So, each of these adorably drawn letters take their places dressed in costumes to match their letter.  Everyone that is except for B!  Every time B goes to take his turn, it seems that someone has taken his costume!  For example, when the letter P proudly yells out "PIRATE", poor B sadly says "He took my costume".  But, no one knew that he wanted to be a BUCKANEER! B keeps trying and each letter is taking his or her turn.  It starts to look pretty grim and maybe even that B won't have a costume for the play after all.  But how can they not include B? Even X found a costume and E had an Encore! Oh what's poor B to do? Find out what the letter B comes out with and how each and every letter completes the Halloween play their own way!  This is a book you won't want to miss for the upcoming season! 

What a fantastic book to share with your little ones for the upcoming fall season! The bright colors will keep the little ones interested and see how many costumes you can guess for each letter with your child that's a little older! Each and every page has so much going and the letters of  "AlphaOops! H is for Halloween" will have your children in stitches! This is a Five Tiara Book all the way!

My Rating -

About the Author:Alethea Kontis is the author of ALPHAOOPS: THE DAY Z WENT FIRST, her first children’s book. She lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Bob Kolar is the illustrator of the first AlphaOops book and the author-illustrator of BIG KICKS. He lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The Shadow by Donna Diamond

The Shadow
Author: Donna Diamond
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: July 13, 2010
Pages: 32
Price (Hardcover) : $15.99/$19.00
Type/Format: Picture Book
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-4878-7
Age Range: 5 yrs - 8 yrs
Grade Range: Kindergarten - Grade 3


It’s an ordinary afternoon. A child comes home, heads upstairs, and sprawls on the floor to do some drawing under the watchful eyes of a pair of favorite dolls. But there’s another character in this wordless story: the shadow, unnoticed at first, then slowly creeping into her field of view. It’s a terrifying sight. Will the girl cower, or will she take on this shadow and tell it who’s boss? And where will the shadow go from there? With mesmerizing intensity, this dreamlike story tells an unflinching tale about recognizing and staring down one’s fears -- if only for a time.

A young girl confronts her fears in an eerie, wordless picture book featuring stunning, hyper-realistic illustrations.

My Thoughts:

This book I have such torn feelings about because it's a picture book with absolutely no words. Now, with that said, these I normally love. Why? Because it's free for the child's mind to make up the story they want. The child can tell the story they see in their mind as they go along with pictures alone and I love letting them do that.  I volunteer my time now and each child usually has at least one part of the story that's unique.  I'll tell you why I'm torn.  Donna Diamond does AMAZING (all in caps for a reason) illustrations and The Shadow is gorgeous.  The pictures are really striking.  But, for the age range, I think that for some children, it may be a little too scary.  Here's why, and I know I may get some argument because I know what the purpose of the book is.

The child in the story comes home from school one day where she is drawing and playing while her dolls watch.  At first the little girl doesn't even notice the shadow, but when she does, she's very afraid and she tries to hide.  I know now would be the time to explain to children that it's just your shadow and it's brought on at different times of the day by sunlight or by light in general. That it could make you look tall or short, etc.  But the shadow in this book is really scary and it doesn't look like the little girl at all! It has a face with cut out eyes and a mouth at times and also very boney hands that almost look like it is trying to grab the child.  After a little while the girl realizes that it's her shadow and she stands up to her fear.  I won't give away how she fixes it, but she's pretty proud of herself.  This part of the book was wonderful and the entire book is amazingly illustrated.  But, at the end of the book nightfall is upon us and we see the little one in bed.  She's sleeping and all looks well in her room until we get to the last page.  On the very last page and here is a SPOILER ALERT - we see a pair a very scary yellow sinister eyes hiding under her bed while she sleeps!  I just thought it was a little much and it would definitely scare most children into thinking there was something under their bed.  As an older child, probably not and an adult, no.  But the age range for this book and it being a picture book, yes.  So, for "The Shadow" I have to give it 3 tiaras for the story and 5 stars for the illustrations. I usually don't separate, but this book is beautiful and I really have to!

If you'd like to judge for yourself,  You can pick up a copy on release day, which just so happens to be today!

About The Author:

Donna Diamond has illustrated numerous children’s books and book jackets, including Katherine Paterson’s BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. She lives in Riverdale, New York.   Author's Bio (taken from Author's site) -  Donna Diamond was born and raised in New York City. She attended Boston University School of Fine and Applied Art and received a BFA in sculpture. Encouraged by Robert Blackburn, she pursued printmaking at the Printmaking Workshop and exhibited at the AIR Gallery. Ms. Diamond also creates art for books, where her work has met with critical success.

Her recent work explores the boundaries of painting and collage and incorporates the use of modern technology. Fascinated by the power of narrative, she recently completed a suite of seventeen paintings that work sequentially to express a psychological drama. These paintings will be published as a book called The Shadow in 2010. She is currently working at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop creating portfolios of prints.

In 2008 Ms. Diamond received the BRIO Award from The Bronx Council on the Arts. Galleries and museums she has exhibited at include The Longwood Art Gallery, The Pen and Brush, The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, The Francesca Anderson Gallery, The Justin Schiller Gallery, The Brockton Museum, and The Society of Illustrators.


Speckle The Spider by Emma Dodson

Speckle The Spider
Author:  Emma Dodson
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: July 13, 2010
Pages: 32
Price (Hardcover) :  $14.99/$18.00
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-4778-0
Age Range: 3 yrs - 7 yrs
Grade Range: Preschool - Grade 1


Speckle is sure he’s a special kind of spider -- so special and talented that he should be better appreciated than he is at home in the Bahamas. So off he sets on an adventure in search of fame and recognition, and after some run-ins with giants of various species, finally finds himself on public display. The ambitious Speckle is certainly getting lots of attention, but it’s not quite what he had in mind! With fun, energetic illustrations and plenty of interactive features -- including "fan mail," memorabilia, and a mini book of spider facts -- this engaging tale of "be careful what you wish for" is certain to charm even the arachnophobes among us.

Join Speckle the spider as he tap-dances his way to fame -- with maps, flaps, and other novelty surprises throughout.

My Rating!!

My Thoughts:

Even as an arachnophobe, Speckle stole my heart from page one! This book is filled with big, bight beautiful drawings to keep even the youngest readers that are just starting out interested.  Not only that, your little ones will be turning the pages to find out how Speckle did on his report card, read his travel papers and even read some special mail from his fans! Each one comes out of an envelope or other little holder within the book for your child to find. 

Speckle is adorable, lovable and hard to resist.  As a matter of fact, speckle is SURE he's SPECIAL and he's definitely knows how to dance!  What Speckle wants more than anything is to be in the limelight and to PROVE it to everyone he has what it takes to be a star! So, Speckle leaves his cozy home in the Bahamas behind and heads for "somewhere" else on a boat.  But to this little spider's surprise, being special isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Soon he's given a home at the zoo where everyone can see him dance all day long!  But he's not alone in his home, here he lives with Suzy, who can't dance well but "can turn a pretty good cartwheel".  All Speckle knows is he has to end this dream turned nightmare and he must take beautiful Suzy with him. After all, they're both rare spiders and he can't just leave her behind.

Speckle longs to be back in the Bahamas and soon both he and Suzy are on the lamb...  Will they make it back? Is the grass always greener? Is this why they say you should never look for happiness further than your own back yard or to Be careful what you wish for?  To answer these questions and more, you may purchase a copy of  "Speckle The Spider" today, which just so happens to be it's release day, go out and pick up a copy! You and your little ones will not be disappointed! I can't recommend SPECKLE THE SPIDER enough! You'll love it from it's cute fuzzy cover to all the flaps and envelopes inside all the way until the great big surprise at the end!  This is a fun book to read aloud together and to help little hands take out the surprises and read what they say.  Let them know that EVERYONE is special and deserves to be loved.  Best of all, they don't have to go far to get it.  Tell your little ones just how special they are to you (and they won't even have to hide in a box of bananas) and hit the mainland for love!

About the Author:

Emma loves to be busy. She has been working as a freelance writer/illustrator for 10 years. She has written and illustrated childrens' picture books, produced images for magazines, greetings cards and giftwrap. For 14 years she has also worked for film and TV, producing props and art work. Emma also teaches on illustration BA at University of Westminster.


July 12, 2010

Huge Giveaway, Reviews & Ramblings

This is A Royal Rambling by Order of the Princess:

I just wanted to make a post as a little explaination, reminder and to let you know about some of the wonderful things planned for Park-Avenue Princess!  As most of you know, I was "away" for a little while due to an ongoing  personal illness and I am trying to get  Park-Avenue Princess right back to where it was so winners are being notified by email and starting with the LIZZY BLEU GIVEAWAY, which is right below this post, I will start posting winners on the blog again.  I just need to catch up! 

Speaking of the LIZZY BLEU GIVEAWAY, you still have plenty of time to enter! It's open to everyone, no matter where you live (no P.O. Boxes) as long as you are a friend on Google Friend Connect by following this blog.  This is important because Park-Avenue Princess wants her friends back and her traffic and is going to reward all of her friends by having a HUGE GIVEAWAY.

What is this HUGE GIVEAWAY you ask?  How about a Brand New B&N Nook? Would that make you happy? There will be several ways for you to win. All I'm going to need you to do is spread the word about Park-Avenue Princess and I'd like to see at least 1000 followers and we're almost there.  But, again, there will be many ways to enter.  So, you do have that to look forward to VERY soon!

The next GIVEAWAY I have for you will be from J*Flops! There will be Two winners for this Giveaway and you can design your own pair of Flip Flops and when I say they are not only ADORABLE they are MADE with love and quality as well! Starting NOW and ENDING August 31st you can use the code PRINCESS at the checkout and receive 15% off your order at the J*Flops site! I will have my review and the giveaway up VERY VERY SOON! If you sign up for updates, you won't miss it! I LOVE my pair and am going to buy myself another pair.  Who doesn't love their flops in the summer? These do not pinch between the toes and their IS a style for everyone!  You'll see what I mean!  I'd start browsing J*Flops now so you get an idea for what you want as a treat for your feet!

As for my Royal Reviews, this Princess is So behind.  She's read more books than she can count, but all of her reviews are on index cards and this week I would like to get up some wonderful books that are coming out tomorrow from CANDLEWICK PRESS! Their Spring/Summer line up is absolutely amazing!

I have so many plans in the works for Park-Avenue Princess and I'm hoping to get the changes done quickly but I can't find someone that knows exactly what I'd like.  I hope you'll stay with me and PLEASE visit often. Leave comments, I love that! Plus, here's a hint - Once I put up the Nook Giveaway, it's going to be a way to earn yourself some pretty easy points! A daily visit and a comment or two! I try to visit sites daily as well and if you'd like me to stop by yours well then just leave it in the comments!

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Thank You for making Park-Avenue Princess the site that it's become! I've got so much more in store and I hope you'll stay here with me and grow!

Kisses and Toodles!