August 27, 2008

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This is to all of my dear friends that stand by me and lift me up when I need it. I apologize for the length between posts. It's been so hard for me these past few weeks and I feel like crying all the time.

I do have SO many authors to thank for making sure I have books to review and to have what I call *Comfort Reading*. This is the reason I review. I do it to pay back all the authors over the years that have taken me away from my horrible illness and bring to a place that made my day and night.

There are TOO many for me to list right now, but there were at least 4 authors (I think I maybe forgetting someone and that makes me nervous) OK...these four (I think it's actually five) sent me boxes of books. Their amazing generosity and caring sent me into teary fits and butterflies (those school girl ones) You ladies know what I mean. I will leave a list and I find it so hard to send them back "REAL SNAIL MAIL" thank yous and not just emails. Does anyone else have this problem? The person that sent me the most beautiul package, I don't have his address. I'd love to send him a very special thank you and SOME OF YOU as well.

J.Kaye, Trish, Nymeth, Wendy, Sandra, Breeni , Cheryl, and my friend are like a close knit on line family to me. Everytime I turn around, there is something sweet in my box or you leave me a comment. I LOVE COMMENTS and fresh faces. I know there are SO SO many of you I forgot Sandy Ellen Patsy, WindyCity, Care, Bunny...Please know that if I didn't acknowledge you above means I love you less or don't think of you all praying for me every day. Believe me .... you'll be in many more to come! AND PLEASE don't be afraid to say hello, I LOVE to make new friends. Look at all the blogs on my side bar that I Lurk...

I don't know what's going on with my Library Thing. I'm in the early reviewers program .... I just got in my August book, but my July, June and May books have not shown up. I'm not even kidding. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it just me? I thought I typed in my wrong address, but I got this months book. So that isn't it.

I'm still a little depressed and weak, but I'm fighting and trying. I love you all for being loyal to my blog. If you need to reach me privately, my address is

Also I got in a new book from a brand new author, it's his first book and it's amazing! I haven't finished it yet, but let me tell you what it says about the book on the back.

It's called PIT-STOP by BEN LARKEN and it's his debut novel.

Welcome to the Pit-Stop Grill, a roadside attraction along Arizona’s Route 66 where travellers kick up their feet while sipping a nice cup of joe. It’s a cool oasis in an unforgiving desert landscape. It’s also the last stop on the road to Hell.

When ten people find themselves inside the eerie diner, unable to get out or remember how they arrived, all they know is what their waitress, Holly, tells them: a bus is coming. It will take them the rest of the way to a destination of unspeakable horrors.

Led by highway patrolman, Officer Scott Alders, the group of strangers unite with a common goal—-escape. Each of them holds dark secrets, but personal demons are no match for the wraithlike bus driver who arrives bearing the nametag RAMSEY.

Driving an oily black bus with ghostly headlights and exhaust that smells of brimstone, Ramsey wastes no time picking them off one by one. As their number dwindles and the terror mounts, Scott Alders realizes it will take more than a police-issued sidearm to stop the evil that tracks them. But is there enough power in their battered spirits to combat a crimson-eyed driver with a schedule to keep?

One thing is clear: you’ll think twice before you make your next Pit-Stop..

So far, I'm loving it and you'll have my thoughts and how many TIARAS it's getting soon.

There are a few more I'm reading, but I will fill you in on those, hopefully tomorrow.



Happy Reading Everyone!

August 11, 2008

It's been ONE of those WEEKS and ...

It's ONLY MONDAY! UGH! It's been bad news after bad news for me and this bed rest after all this time is starting to get to me. I'm so glad I have all of you to keep my mind off things. (EVEN if I LURK)! I've been told to get more rest and the pain is getting worse...they're trying to keep it under control, but it's SO hard and NOTHING seems to work. I HATE that loopy groggy feeling or that I "kinda'" remember that. Soooo...the medicine I don't want to be to high.

Also, I'm really weak and I don't like this, I don't want it to be this way! This isn't how I pictured my life and more than once this week I've screamed and screamed "WHY ME!" Yup, it's time you know, I'm NOT as strong as you think I am. I can't believe the last FOURTEEN years of my life have been on and off fighting the BIG or in my case, the BIG "C"!

It's really hard and I need to find a way to help me forget about some of it. Some, I honestly don't remember on my own, I think my memory has a way of not letting me remember it. But the things I do remember, like the pain and the P.T. and the handfuls of hair...Sorry this has turned into a VENT FEST. I didn't have this intention when I wrote it.

I've gotten so many great books in, and I LOVE to read, but imagine it being just about the only thing you do and NEVER being able to leave your bed. NEVER! I'm picked up by my sheets for tests or operations from bed (A big air bed it is too) and I'm put on a gurney and that's when the pain kicks in again.

I'm hoping I get a LOT stronger this week and for those of you that have me in your thoughts and prayers, I appreciate it. I didn't want to make my "FUN" blog sad ever... but sometimes, I guess you just have to get it out. I'm out of Journal paper or I would've probably wrote it there. I've ordered a new one and it should be here like yesterday. I have so many great reviews waiting for me to just post...I have to get them fixed.

THESE authors should be PROUD! And I'd like to thank them all for taking me away to a different place...not the one I HAVE to be!

Again...I apologize for making a ROYAL case of all this. I just couldn't stand one more poke, pinch, needle, prod, touch, talk or "information.



The Very Weak Sad and Not Herself Princess


August 8, 2008


Hi Everyone! I need a little help and I know JUST WHO to go to! I hope lots and lots of you read this so that I can get some really great ones that I'll love!

Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite type of book has always been FAIRYTALES. Well, now I'm grown up and I know them all. I also reread the children's books and collect them for their illustrations. question to YOU? Do you know any Fairytales that have been redone that you really liked OR maybe some fairytales for adults....(If ya' know what I mean) *giggle*
So that's it. That's all I ask of you....just a teensie weensie bit of help from each of you!
I love you all and appreciate you taking the time to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Believe me, I NEED them.
The Princess

August 1, 2008

Sandy Patsy is Holding a Contest!

So, My Very Good Friend (and good-hearted person) Sandy Ellen Patsy is holding another contest! She is Just SO Generous! This is what is says over on her blog!

I am giving a Power of Pussy eBook download monthly so get your entry in for August !

Also included will be a Lion pin to give to your very own Lion King.

To enter for your chance at a free download of Power of Pussy eBook and a Lion pin, please comment on this blog or myspace blog MySpace SANDY PATSYAll comments will go into the hat, so the more you comment, the better your chances to win.It would be fun to hear about your very own Lion King but all comments are welcome !

So, I will have the winner's address for your Lion Pin, email your comment and name and address to - put LION KING in subject line!
I believe she is holding a contest monthly! SO be nice and leave her a comment! It's always nice to see comments on your blog. Friends that reach out and leave a message let you know how much you mean to them!
Have fun!
XXX - Kisses

The Princess