February 24, 2009

KEEP YOUR KITTY by Sandy Patsy


Hi Everyone! Yes, it's been quite a little while. I can't apologize enough...I've been in the hospital SO long and will still need rehab. But, that is not why I am writing to you. I'm writing to let you know that Sandy Patsy is working on the sequel to her debut book "The Power of Pussy"... it's going to be called "Keep Your Kitty"! And I happen to have for you a little teaser... YES!! She's got up some excepts from the new book (subject to change) to give you an idea! And I am going to post that for you here...

So without any further waiting time, here it is:

Your Kitty Excerpt

At a birthday party last night, I chatted with a couple who had
been dating for 3 months.
I'd seen them individually at the Friday night group I used to
dinner with. One night this summer we were all at a bar. He (of this
couple) went out for a smoke. She (of this couple) set her sights on
him & tore outside to have a cigarette with him. She does not

So here we are, the three of us. She's hard of hearing. I had to lean
in to her ear to inquire about her old
fuck-buddy named Peter oddly enough, but he wasn't the same Peter
(Jerk) who stars in P.O.P. She replied as loudly as she could; the
crowd noise was high, pointing toward
the 3-month guy, "WE'RE TOGETHER!!!!" She was so proud & so
I think it was a downer for him. It was like the elgible bachelor was

This is a perfect example of a female yelling & saying toooo
much. As we parted, I whispered to the guy, she couldn't hear
which I had always found annoying....she'd look at whoever was
& donkey-nod like a dope when she had no idea what was being
Anyway, I said, cheerfully
"I'll give U another 3 months."
Actually I have to give her credit for chasing after him for the
smoke, but last night's announcement might have been the deal-breaker.

Catching a man, where the capture falls short is likened to eating
ice cream too fast. It will give you a headache if you eat it too fast,
just like a man. If you don't it will lose it's hardness, get soft and
However, if you suck each spoonful slowly & sensually, it gets
melty & tastier. The cream all ends up in the same place; but the
process is yummier & lasts longer.


Last night, while half naked, I didn't even hold my stomach in. If
he just hadn't praised my "rack" (DID HE ACTUALLY SAY THAT
he may not have even gotten my panties down.

Etiquette !
It goes right down the line: Hair, mouth, tits, legs, and PUSSY last.

Got it, Guys ?? It works.

SCREW YOU (his words)

Oh yuk, my date last night to the biggest party in town was a
DISASTER....for me.
I cannot believe I let him screw me. (his word) AND I DO MEAN

It has been forever since a man has made love to me. This
definitely was not LOVE.
However, standing at the kitchen sink trying to clean the mud off
my boot, he comes up behind me and cuddles my breasts.

My immediate thought was that I had not been concerned about
intimacy at the end of this date, I had not even showered or
shaved my legs or any of the primping stuff ...
OMG, unexpected it felt so good.
(The way to my heart starts with my left nipple-lick it, bite it)

I am not writing this as well as I am too upset with myself. Then he
settles on my breasts and OH OMG of all things BOTH my nipples.

The pattern of high school days enters my mind.....getting the bra
off..... the panties off.
Well, maybe not yet, not just yet, but stay tuned.

Soooooo, we go sit on the sofa. My apartment size couch is too
short and too narrow for his 6 ft frame. We have to progress to a
larger surface, which would be my down stairs futon.

His focus then goes to my pussy. Having not been touched in a
long time, it felt very good.
But that is not good enough for him. He has to push on, undoing
his big gaudy belt buckle which felt too hard...
not penis hard...anyway.

The most gross of all was him saying - his exact words. " I'm not
going to screw you".
How romantic I think to myself, rolling my eyes, biting my
tongue, trying not to hit him.....He says it again !
This is a nightmare reeling on and on in living color- playing out
through all of my senses - Sight, sound, touch, emotion.

Before I knew it, he's forcing himself inside me. Well, what's a girl
to do ?
I let him. I don't know why I was obligated or committed to let it
Afterward, he is happy. I am sad.
He wants to talk. I don't.
I want him to turn his liquor breath away from me. Already I am
trying to figure out what goes on with me if he had asked for my
permission "May I make love to you?"
I would have said yes, but not really wanting it. What I really
wanted was for him to go away. My God, is he ever going to stop
Geez, he's just like a female. SHUT UP AND LEAVE ALREADY.

Brainstorm ! Why can't I just tell him suddenly I don't feel well. It
can be a sudden attack headache or something I ate and I need to
be ALONE to take some asprin and a bath and while I am having a
good time, he's going to have to LEAVE and then I can have a big
relief pig out session so I can regain my sanity, AND be a lump.


It is up to me to gain control. Since my panties are still dangling
on one ankle they were easy to pull up. I forgot all about the wet
gooo......my jeans are in a pinwheel under my ass. Now, I've got a
fart, I'm trying to hold on to while I'm forcing one leg into my
jeans. I'd better stop. If I fart in front of him, it's all over. He'll
think we're in a relationship.
Why won't he just leave, so I can take that bath I omitted earlier ?

As I write here, it's the morning after. I'm feeling much the way I
think a man feels. Who was that? With no lingering satisfaction of
an orgasm.
He did ask "Did you come?" You have to ask ? GO AWAY !
I said "no", thinking of all the times Peter had left me. Peter
thought all of the time that he had satisfied me. You know the old
Lion King theory, I am currently discarding.

This is worse than with Peter.


With this new attitude, Joe is sure to send me flowers.

I remember a friend at a previous job, threw a delivery of flowers in her trash. I just couldn't fathom any guy or situation being bad enough to throw flowers away.
I now know. And that knowledge is bitter. I am disgusted with the
smell of a man I don't love on my unbathed skin.

Is it because he so honestly praised my breasts?... That alone..is
that really the ticket in with me ?

Today, I feel the slight irritation of a delicate place where I
haven't been in a long time.

Peter would get out the KY gel to make sure of a smooth entry. He
was excellent in the beginning but I began to see his lovemaking
become planned. It had to coordinate with his Viagra intake.
Spontaneity was never part of our routine. Perhaps that is why
last night I let Joe "screw me".

Is life but a criss cross of where we are and where we've been oh
so many times before?
Older, wiser, am I any smarter when it comes to love?
I think not.
I have to keep taking my temperature as opposed to my blood
pressure. Always, Always, someone has surely moved my cheese.

One moment, I get it. The next I've already forgotten it.
Is it impossible to enjoy the good and continually suspect and
wait for the bad ?

And there you have it...your sneek peek : )

Thank you SO much to Sandy Patsy for our little tease and hopefully, I'll get a review of the book >wink wink<

Love you all!