June 29, 2008


I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me back! I wish I could REALLY be fully back and I'm going to try as much as I can. I will have books to give away even from before. WENDY, I haven't forgotten you won and I don't want you to wait any longer, so I think I'll just send you a certificate. J.Kaye, I would just buy you and send you a copy of the book, but I have an autographed copy for you and a bought one won't be AUTOGRAPHED! I also have a little something for you for being so sweet!

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WELCOME BACK. Surgery No. 2 is supposed to be scheduled for two weeks from this Tuesday coming up, which I believe is July 15th. The problem is I may not be strong enough and still weak, so that's what it's all riding on. So we'll have to wait and see!

SO I SAY....LET'S have FUN UNTIL THEN!! Soon, I am supposed to be doing some advertising for an author and an Etsy Shop (IF she still wants too...it's been forever...I feel so bad : ( I WISH this didn't have to be this way!) BUT....we're going to do what I said above, "LIVE IT UP!!"

Until next time



Oh and don't forget to check out J. Kaye's BLOG! She's always givin' away somethin' good! With a WONDERFUL REVIEW!

June 26, 2008

Do YOU want to WIN??

Well...if you do, I have a secret and all you have to do to win is this... (DID I SAY I WAS GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS)? Go to J.Kaye's blog...which is located, here ... J. Kaye's Book Blog: WITCH EMBER by John Lawson When you get there, look around, it's a GREAT and VERY INTERESTING BLOG. But under the review entitled "WITCH EMBER" by John Lawson, done by both J. Kaye and her husband Steve (They make a very cute couple by the way), leave a COMMENT and the if you want a second chance to win (LIKE ME) link it to your blog and there you have it TWO CHANCES.

Psst...another thing. It's NOT just "WITCH EMBER" that you get to win, it's the second book, "RAVEN" in his series as well...

If you're wondering what "WITCH EMBER" is about, here's a blurb on that book!

In the days when gods walked the earth and the clay of Man was still wet, a Stone of Power was shattered. From that day forward, all humankind carried a piece. Most have just a little- just the tiniest speck of dust- but some have one of the bigger grains- or even a pebble- and they are the most powerful of sorcerers. In the paranoid, magically-barren lands of the Seven Kingdoms, the street urchin Esmeree is born to carry a stone of unprecedented size and power. As she struggles to survive the unforgiving streets of Cliffs Reach, she endeavors to master the sorcery of her stone and understand its purpose. But time is running out for her for others have discovered her skills and seek to use or destroy her. The Inquisition, the Superbus Tyrannus, the Primate of the Holy Median church. Esmeree must determine her own path, or she will die their slave.

Best of luck to all of you playing (especially me! Did I say that out loud? No really, tell me outloud, because sometimes I do that at the wrong time and then well you know...it makes for an uncomfortable situation ... like this one and that's not s-s-o -so much fun... so...well GOOD LUCK EVERYONE~ may the best entry win!



Until next time...

June 23, 2008

She's Back! Thank YOU!

Hi Everyone!! ::Waving:: I don't even know where to begin to thank you all!! I really don't. You're kindness, heart-felt thoughts and prayers have meant the world to me and still do. I received the most beautiful gifts, flowers, cards and notes while I was in the hospital. You all really shocked me and I really don't know where to even start (I said that already didn't I?) or something similar. It's because I'm crying and I can't believe that you all thought so much of me to share your stories with me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I'd like to thank TRISH, DeNita and Sandy Patsy for being so giving and wonderful. I'm going to write to each notes, but I'm also going to write you ONE HUGE thank you!

You couldn't have been nicer to Vanessa, Kim or Dawn. They know absolutely NOTHING about this and told us all about how they got such gracious offers for help and many notes of love and prayer to pass on. I've been switched from my last hospital to another one. I've had one surgery and there are three left. I will be on and off and I do love you all. Thank you for continuing to visit.

I have SO SO MANY REVIEWS to catch up with. All I've done is my comfort reading. AMAZING. I LOVE to give back to the authors that have helped me over the years. It's truly great and exactly what I need. You know what? I read and read and write and write and forget about all of the badness going on. Sometimes I can get on line, and others I can't. I absolutely LOVE doing this and NO ONE can take this away from me. There has been SO MUCH TAKEN. This can not.

Remember that I LOVE and thank you all. I've missed you too! I'll be back ... most likely later on today!



Until Later...