April 16, 2008

What's Your Secret? (Give-A-Way)

What's Your Secret?

I know you have one. So... Why won't you share it with The Princess? Hmmm? Okay, as you may or may not have read in yesterday's post, I'm having a terrible time relaxing and sleeping lately. I'm nervous and I'm scared and most of my own "relaxation techniques" are not working lately.

What are yours? Your relaxation techniques...spill 'em! I need to know what you do to relax. What do you do to calm down? You tell me and I'll BOOK you! If you think you have just the trick, share it with me. It doesn't even have to be something you do. Maybe it's something that your friend does or something you've "heard" works well. I'm THAT desperate for new ideas!

Here's something else I'd like your ideas for. And this will be FUN! The Princess thinks her real name is much too boring. I'm looking for a new name to possibly write and review under. So, if you submit a name, please be aware that I may use it! Well what SEXY name suits me? Be original and unique! I LOVE this. I promise to have a very special gift for the winner IF I pick one of your ideas! I have quite a few of my own ideas, but none of them have POPPED out at me... YKWIM?

That makes TWO ways to WIN and TWO different PRIZES that will be given away! So, help your friend the princess and think SEXY & RELAX!

I think it will be a really easy and fun give-a-way! (The book is of MY choice because I'm The Princess and this is MY castle) The good news is, I promise it will be a good one and I will pay the postage *of course! The Sexy Pseudonym will be given a separate SURPRISE gift! All you have to do is:

1. Give me your idea or ideas

2. Make sure I have your email address to get in touch with you

3. Be willing to give me your snail mail address (for shipping)

Easy! Right? Oh, and don't forget that Sandy Patsy's Comment and Question Give-A-Way below is still going on until the 20th. That's when this one will end as well.

Best of luck to you (and me) *smile*

That's all for now!

XXX ~ Kisses

The Princess


  1. I have not tried these but I read about them. Here are a few ideas

    Intake of sliced fresh apple taken in the earl morning for at least a week cures all chronic headaches

    Drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey in the morning.

    Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of finely ground cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply paste to forehead

    For more remedy ideas go to http://www.natural-homeremedies.com/homeremedies_headaches.htm

    Hope these help Cheryl

  2. My favorite form for relaxation is ... a MASSAGE ~ a profession one (not the kind my husband offers) although that works to help relax me sometimes too ~ lol.

    Other things I do to relax: a nice cup of tea, read a book, have my husband rub my feet, (I've even started going and having foot zoning done), a nice hot bubble bath, and a trick I learned in the hospital after having surgery - putting a blanket in the dryer and then wrapping up in it.

    As far as names go ... I love what you already have/are - PRINCESS.

  3. I forgot to leave my e-mail address: hawkes AT citlink.net

    And, I still think Princess is sexy, but how about Pink Sugar for a suggestion?

  4. pMy favorite way to relax is exercise. No joke! Whenever I get stressed out, I hop on the treadmill (I don't even run, I just do a fast walk, sonce I'm not that athletic, LOL) for half an hour. My head feels so much clearer afterwards.

  5. Here are a few of my hints! Make sure you don't do anything that over stimulates your mind before going to bed. If I do,my thought keep turning in my head. I find drinking milk helps me go to sleep! Lavender in a pouch under the pillow is a remedy I have read about! A hot bath helps me to relax. Then, there is the idea that eating a small bowl of cereal helps. Say a prayer. Good luck!

  6. My way to relax is make myself a cup of fruit tea, get a massage from hubby and just chill listening to my fave playlist or read a book :)

    As for your sexy name, hmmm... I'd go with Tiara.

    Have a fab Friday! :)

  7. Hello, Amy! I'm finally able to sit and make some time for my computer friends. It's been a long week.

    My relaxation technique is not all that original: I read. It calms my mind, takes my thoughts off my worries, and lets me visit another world for a brief moment in time. It's perfect for preparing me for sleep.

    Names are so hard to settle on, aren't they? I'm enjoying reading the ideas others come up with.

  8. Cheryl - Thank you for the ideas! You left so many to choose from. Your caring thoughts have made me really believe that I am lucky to have you all.

    Christyjan - lol thank you for the suggestions. There have been SO many names from my friends and a couple of authors that wanted to help as well. I had Nauti Princess, Nauti Minx, Scarlett Kisses (I liked the last two) there is Devin Devine, and Delvinia Devine, and the one I believe that I am going to use, which is the best of all. (I can't list it yet, It's a surprise and definitely my favorite!

    Oh Katherine,

    If I only had the strength to exercise! I appreciate your caring thoughts! Thank you

    Trish - I know you posted this under a different post, but I really appreciate your thoughts and friendship. Hugs and Love

    I love you ideas windy. They are all things that I like to do as well. Thank you!

    Wendy! I absolutely agree! You've come up with one of the best! I so appreciate your friendship!

    Bunny - I definitely need a massage! Too bad I'm lacking a hubby! LOL I guess I should work on that..huh??

    The Princess Nauti or Nice?


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