April 10, 2008

Wicked Wednesday with J. Scott Savage!

Wicked Wednesday with J. Scott Savage!
Farworld 2008 Blog Tour!
OK, I am SO excited to hear about this and knowing YOU, like I KNOW I DO, you will be too!
J. Scott Savage is officially kicking off the Find Your Magic, Farworld Blog Tour! He's promoting the first book in the FARWORLD series, FARWORLD - WATER. He will be using these books for a blog tour that will run from July 1 - August 31. The official release date of the book is scheduled for September 5Th!
Here's we you and I come in...Scott is willing to send 200 bloggers who sign up to take part in the tour an ARC, and will also drop ship a second copy for us as a part of any type of contest we would like to run!
Now, what you have to do after receiving the ARC is agree to review the book and do a Q & A Interview with him as well.
All you have to do is send an email to Scott if you're interested any time after 7:00 am MST Friday, April 11Th telling him the name and URL of your blog, the mailing address where you'd like the book sent! You can find all the details by visiting his blog : Find Your Magic: Marketing Part IV—The Blog Tour. You can also find out about the book and more about Scott! So, spread the word!
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  1. Thats for the information. I will have to email Scott. Sounds good. Thanks

  2. If I didn't have so many books to review already, I'd sign up. My review stack is way too tall!

  3. How can I not fall madly in love with a woman who joins my blog tour AND has made "Heart Shaped Box" a fixture on her bookshelf? I just finished HSB and loved it. It was my most recent airplane book. Great review and cool site.

    But c'mon J. Kaye, what's one more book to review? Join the blog tour. I even give you a book to give away on your blog. How can you refuse that?

  4. Scott! You came by!! I'm SO excited about this!! AND How can I not fall madly in love with a MAN who has his own tour AND loved HSB as much as I do? I'd be crazy if proven otherwise...Not to mention hysterically funny, boyish-good looks and charm (Did I mention I'm single)? : )

    Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    I totally understand J.Kaye! (Your stack is probably taller than me!)

    Cheryl - He's super sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!


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