September 21, 2008

J.Kaye's Having A Give-A-Way!

Yes, I know what you're thinking, (if you know J.Kaye), she is always having give-a-ways! But this isn't just any ordinary give-a-way! It's "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer! And that's not all, she's having a chat everyday this week at NOON! Gustav and my good friend J.Kaye will be chatting away about the book! There are two copies to give-a-way and a week of talk! To find out how to win the book and all about the contest, follow this link J. Kaye's Book Blog: Noontime Chat: All This Week!

Most of all, have fun and best of luck!


Until Next time...

Happy Reading!


  1. But if you haven't read BREAKING DAWN, then you don't want to attend the chats. There will be spoilers.

  2. I haven't read any of these books yet - unbelievable for the number of books I do read. I have wanted to so maybe this will be a kick start !!!
    Thank you j.kaye

  3. Thank you for pointing that out for me J.Kaye! I'm sorry I left that out!

    Sandy! How nice of you to comment, I love the blog and I think it's a great idea for you to check out the chats!

    xo Amy

    Sandy E. Patsy - I have to thank you for so many things. Your heart is out on your sleeve, just the way you wrote everything in your book! I love you for that!


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