May 7, 2009


Yes, I am a WONDERFUL shopper. I know...I know...something to be TOTALLY PROUD of, RIGHT? *giggle* I'm good at other things as well, but I honestly LOVE to shop! I think it's an addiction. Isn't that horrible? I've been trying to find my mother something ALL week for Mother's Day. I won't put what I've been thinking of seriously getting her, because I know she checks my blog and is totally NOSEY! *HA-HA MOM*!! NO CLUES HERE...

So, the bad part, and I can't even believe I'm admitting this (outloud)... I've done more shopping for myself than ANYONE else! I mean, I deserve nice things too *at least that's what I keep telling myself* AND I'm buying and I pay all my bills online so that's kind of "GOING GREEN". LOL Where do I come up with this? I hear myself say it after and then I question myself ... totally NOT GOOD!

Anyway, I need Mother's Day ideas...other than books. I know which ones she wants. But, if you have any that I may there's another story. I am really looking for a good Fairy Tale that I haven't read yet! That would be so WONDERFUL! I do have MANY MANY BOOKS to review and pass on to all of you! Interested? I KNOW you, stay tuned and stop back. I have a few to post and a little give-a-way to talk about. (See Below)!

Now I'm off again to online shop! Wish me some serious luck!


The Princess


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