June 28, 2009


Big News!! Well, for me anyway! I'm finally on Twitter! Now, there's only one problem! (Maybe several, but one large one for now...) I can follow SOME of you because you have those cute little tweet birds or other little pictures that I can click on your blog and just follow you! I, on the other hand, can NOT figure out how to do this for the life of me! I mean, I've been doing this for hours...

I don't want the block that has my last five posts, I just want a little birdie you can click to follow me! Can SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME?? I'll be FOREVER grateful!!

Let me know!!



UPDATE!! OK...Thanks to AMY, WENDY and NYMETH, I got the little Twitter Bird up there for you to click. The only problem is ... it takes you to the profile page and not a direct place for you to be automatically following me if you click it. Does that make sense? If anyone knows how to fix this let me know! I'm also going to add a "FOLLOWERS" widget for the side bar so that you can just click it and not have to type in your email address to be "Following" the blog. It will be new, so there are just a few people...*Hopefully that's just for Now* : )

Thanks again ladies!! XOXO


  1. Congrats on being on Twitter. Maybe when I finally join you can teach me, how it all works!

    Hope all is well with you

  2. Glad you're on Twitter now! You'll love it!

  3. YEA AMY - I love the little twitter bird - I have to have one !

  4. Hi Cheryl! So nice to hear from you! I'm NOT computer savvy at all, but I'll help you as much as I can!

    Thanks Trish! You're always so sweet~ Like my own personal cheer leader! : )

    Hi Sandy! How are you doing? I miss talking with you!

  5. So glad you are on Twitter Miss Princess, we'll be following you!

    Have a great weekend,

  6. Oh yes, it's very addictive!

  7. I am so happy to have found someone else who has had as much trouble figuring Twitter out, as I have.
    BUT - sorry that you're having problems!


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