November 11, 2009

Win a Kindle! & 2 Gift Card Winners!!

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I KNOW We're already offering a choice of E-Reader here on Park-Avenue Princess and if  you haven't entered that contest, I suggest you do!  (by the way, it's open internationally).

So here's the deal, I just came across another WONDERFUL Kindle Giveaway and with the holidays coming up and money being tight for so many of us, I'm going to give you a quick and easy way to enter & possibly win a Kindle yourself!

How did I do it? Well...I just entered a contest to win a free Kindle from Noobie (worth $259!) and I wanted you to have a chance to win one too!

It's simple to do! All you have to do is click the link below or copy and paste it into your favorite Internet browser!

From there, just fill out the form and BAM! You're entered to Win A Kindle! 

If you come back here and tell me where you posted *MY* link, the top two people that have posted it in the MOST places will in a $10.00 Gift Card to (or any other online book retailer).  All you have to do is post it in as many places as you can! That means Tweet it (as much as you'd like), Post it on your blog, FaceBook, MySpace....ANYWHERE!  Come back here with your links so I can check it and the top TWO will win Gift Cards!  Also, Let me know if you've entered yourself!  You have until the 10th of December!




  1. Posted it on twitter :)

  2. awesome! I entered and I shared your link on twitter
    here is the link


  3. I tweeted this kindle giveaway:

    It would be great if a blogger won!


  4. Thanks for all the great Kindle and E-reader giveaways!

    The Bibliofreak blog is also having another Kindle giveaway you might like to enter or share about with your readers. Here is the link.

  5. Have an award for you over at my blog, congrats!

  6. i put your button about the giveaway on my blog.

  7. spvaughan stumbled about the giveaway


  9. Sandra Vaughan This is so cool! who else besides me wants to win this one?

    Park-Avenue Princess: Win a Kindle! & 2 Gift Card Winners!!

  10. what an awesome giveaway...thanks for sharing.

  11. DONE! I would l♥ve to win! Thanks!


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