December 24, 2009

Giveaway to Sell Your SOUL For and Important Updates!

SO, it's getting REALLY close to the end of author Matthew Carter's "Giveaway To Sell Your SOUL For..."

The competition is stiff and there are a people that have purchased books and have really boosted their number of entries and there are people that have been tweeting daily! Which is adding  to their points! Not to mention the fact that there have been people that have done everything they possibly could!

Because the winner is not going to be announced by author Matthew Carter until January 1st, I'm going to give you ALL a little more time to get some extra entries in! That means either purchasing a book and/or books, tweeting, following and doing any of the other extras as stated in THIS post!

If you do want to purchase a signed or regular book, you may contact author Matthew Carter at  And please if you purchase any books, send your receipts to me at

If you'd rather purchase from a store, and Amazon or B&N is out, don't forget that there are other places to look:

Books A Million
Abe Books

All of the above sites DO have the book instock! Last time I checked, both Amazon and B&N were restocked! So, it's up to you!  Enjoy your extra time to win this AMAZING Prize! This is THE WINNER'S Choice of the AMAZON KINDLE 2, The B&N NOOK or THE SONY POCKET E-READER! Which would YOU CHOOSE!

You may get extra points in until December 28, 1009 Midnight EST!

Author, Matthew Carter will choose the winner and announce the winner on January 1, 2010! What a way to kick off the New Year!

I've been a little ill so I still have a ton of products and books to list for my ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!  I think after Christmas we're going to keep counting down until the new year and perhaps after! I've got a Cocoa Latte Machine, A Slanket, A Kor Water Vessel and Much Much More! Stay tuned, enter and win!'s the deal with following! If you can get me to 1000 followers by January 1st, I will give away ANOTHER E-Reader of One Lucky Follower's Choice!  Or IF You already have a reader, you can have the Estimated Cost on a Gift Card to Either Amazon or B&N! So ... Spread the word!

Good Luck ALL and as always -- Have Fun! 



  1. Merry Christmas to you.

    xoxo E.

  2. wow! that is so generous! thanks for the chance and happy new year 2010! :)



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