July 23, 2010

Last Day for Lizzy Bleu Giveaway & Upcoming Giveaway News!

Just a little reminder that tonight at midnight is the close of this month's Lizzy Bleu $50.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!  If you haven't visited her Etsy Shop yet, you can be transported magically by clicking right HERE! But once you do there's no turning back. I know you're going to IN on the $50.00 Giveaway as well. So, what I'm going to do is leave this link HERE for you.  That one will bring you to Lizzy's current Giveaway!

These will be happening monthly and there are SO many wonderful things about Lizzy! She will do personalized items, bookish items and she updates her items at least weekly! If you see something you like, my advice, get it! She makes not only gorgeous things but they're quality made items too.  Plus I know she packs them with love and her packaging is amazing! I know because I own a ton of her jewelry!

I also have another HUGE giveaway coming up for you and they're not just your average flip flops. They're J*Flops and talk about unlike any flip flop I've ever seen! I'm totally in love! This Review and Giveaway will be posted *Very Soon* (and I mean VERY)! So, start looking at the J*Flops site so you'll be able to tell me which pair you'd LOVE to have or customize a pair to fit your personality! Yes, that means a pair that no one else will have! Believe me, J*Flops can do it! They're unbelievable!  I LOVE mine and am having her work on two more pair for me!  This upcoming Giveaway will have TWO Winners and because J*Flops wants EVERYONE to feel like a winner and be able to try out their amazing flops, as of RIGHT NOW on the J*Flops Site if you find a pair you MUST have, type in the code PRINCESS at check out and you'll receive 15% off your order from NOW until August 31st! You and your feet will both thank me (and J*Flops!)

Also, I need you to watch your mailboxes because I do have some winners for books and I'll be waiting for your addresses so that I can send them out to the publishers or authors.  Below is the chance for you to win Katie Williams debut Autographed book "The Space Between Trees ". An amazing YA Thriller!  More books will be coming with a chance for you to win!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to use the "Contact Me" button and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, or if you want to leave your question in the comments section, you may do that as well.  The "Contact Me" button will be answered privately.

Oh....and one more little thing, I've got a brand new B&N Nook that one of my loyal & royal followers will win! Soon the post will be up on how YOU can win! I'd like to reach at least 1,000 GFC Followers! So, all you need to do for me right now is spread the word about Park Avenue Princess - Royal Reviews & Book News! Let them know about the Reviews, Amazing Authors that stop here, and yes the Giveaways!  Thank you all for helping Park Avenue Princess grow into what it's become today! I've met so many wonderful, caring friends here in the book blogging community, ones that I wouldn't give up for the world!  I review as a "Thank You" to all of the Authors that help me escape and bring me comfort each day.  But, I started this site to be my one voice to a community of so many amazing people.  My like-minded, book obsessed friends :)

Well, what are you still standing here for! You have TWO amazing sites to go check out! But, please do come back and tell me what you think when you're done.  :)

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun!


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  1. Wow this sounds like some pretty awesome stuff! I can't imagine anybody not wanting to win this!


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