August 25, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Today's winner of the AUTOGRAPHED copy of "THE SPACE BETWEEN TREES" by KATIE WILLIAMS is ...



You ALL have about a WEEK left to enter the ever so ADORABLE J*FLOPS GIVEAWAY! Plus, if you join the J*FLOPS Facebook Page, not only do you get to keep up with all of the upcoming contests and information, you also get + 25  points added to your score for the giveaway! Seriously, these are THE MOST adorable Flip Flops I've ever owned and they're SUPER COMFORTABLE! I know that's hard to believe, but wait until see them! Three winners will each have their dream flops soon!  OH, and don't forget that you can get 15% off RIGHT NOW until August 31st just by typing in the code PRINCESS at checkout!  Your discount will automatically be taken off! How easy is that?  At J*Flops, they'll even do custom pairs of flops...that means anything at all that you want, Jennifer can do for you! Check out their page and see for yourself!

Good Luck & Have Fun!

Lauren, You have 48 hours to get back to me with your address so that I can get you your prize! Thank you everyone for participating!  Don't forget that I have a Nook coming up for you VERY SOON! What's going to kick it off? 1,000 GFC Followers!!

Kisses and Toodles!!


  1. you have won an award on my blog- come check it out! (If you don't want to/don't have time to send it out to more people, I totally understand.)

  2. Great post! I'd love to

  3. Grats to the winner.

    I woke up Sunday a.m. to find my blog, my 500 plus followers, my 100plus author interviews, and my 200 plus reviews gone. Blogger gave no explanation, but I think the account was hacked. Change your password often!

    I have reloaded the interviews and reviews, plus redesigned the blog. But if you could, please hit the "follow" button so I can reclaim the fellow bloggers I miss. I'm still following you, as my account remained--thank goodness!

    Thank you!
    Kelly Moran


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