August 30, 2009

The Giveaways that are Closing Soon! (Hurry)

* Important Reminder*

This is basically just a reminder of all the contests that are closing in the next two days. More will be added in their place (not to worry). But, I wanted to make sure everyone had a fair chance ...

You have until Midnight tonight (which is VERY soon) EST to enter:

Seduce Me by: Robyn DeHart - Five Copies / Five Winners!

And you will have until Midnight tomorrow night (August 31st) EST to enter these next two. One is the $50.00 Lizzy Bleu Gift Certificate! (Which Lizzy has generously offered to do here MONTHLY! So, I'll be setting up Next Month's Giveaway after this draw! Be sure to check out Lizzy Bleu's shop and make a Wish List!!

Also, on top of my upcoming announcement, Lizzy also offered to do a special Christmas Giveaway just for US. SO..We're both pretty excited about that and can't wait to tell ALL about it. Lizzy will also make an "appearance" here within the next few weeks to introduce herself and her craft talents to you! You'll LOVE her! She's such a DOLL! What a genuine, caring and giving woman. I can't say enough about her!

So...again, ending at Midnight EST tomorrow August 31st -

Damas, Drama and Ana Ruiz by Belinda Acosta (One Winner)

$50.00 Gift Certificate to Lizzy Bleu's Gift Shop!

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

I'm just as excited as you are to find out who the winners will be!!

Also, check out this PAGE for more Giveaways that are going on!


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  1. I can't wait for Lizzy to stop by, so I can get to know her better.


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