September 4, 2009

*Opinions Wanted* and *Other Ramblings*

I've been a little confused lately and it has to do with many things. So, I'm going to turn to you, my readers for your opinions. After all, it's your opinions that matter (to me anyway). I'm thankful that you choose to read Park-Avenue Princess and without all of you... Well, I'd just be talking to myself...and to be quite honest, I do A LOT of that already. So, no need to really add to the dysfunction! (That's a post for another time...)

OK let me start of by saying that I am AMAZED that I have 300 followers! Again, I just noticed today and I have to give all of you a HUGE THANK YOU! Ironically, I also hit 300 Twitter Followers today SO that HUGE Giveaway I told you about is going to be a CELEBRATION of this! (But there's a little work involved in it too... I'll get to that in a minute). Seriously, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This blog is MY VOICE to all of you and it's means of escape, friendship and fun for me. I appreciate each and every one of you! (I'll stop being sappy now...)

Next, I added TWO more book giveaways and there are MORE to list! This month's LIZZY BLEU contest will be added after this post so go to her shop, look to see what you'd like and SIGN UP!! It's ANOTHER ($50.00) Fifty Dollars YOUR WAY in her gorgeous jewelry!!!

(Thank YOU Lizzy Bleu)!!

Speaking of Giveaways, this is one of my concerns. Let me tell you why.
I also want you all to know that I am going to start doing CONTESTS and GIVEAWAYS on TWITTER! Not to mention make MAJOR Giveaway Announcements there! So, I recommend you FOLLOW ME there! It's not required for contest/giveaway entries though! OK?

TODAY is the LAST day to ENTER to WIN "113 Things To Do By 13" by Terri MacLeod and her daughter, Brittany! It's a FUN Book! The THREE Lucky Winners will be announced tomorrow and they will LOVE it!!

I have A LOT of giveaways and it's tough for me to wait for information. That's the hardest part, not getting information on time or having to draw another winner because of NO response. It also KILLS me because I know that person wants their prize AND if they are following, they're notified, they just aren't seeing it and I know first hand EMERGENCIES HAPPEN. So, to have someone miss out on a prize, I don't think is fair. But, I'm going to come-up with a giveaway policy that is going to be put into place permanently!

Another giveaway coming up is going to be for "PIGGY PAINT". Check out their website and look for that review and giveaway (Adorable stuff...I LOVE the Breast Cancer Set). I also have another Miche Bag to giveaway (because this one was SO popular, and the wonderful women at Barbar Hair Products are letting me try out *THIS* little gem and ONE of you will walk away with that $145.00 prize! Plus a few MORE Surprises Up my Sleeve...So, LOTS to look forward too!

Here's where I NEED your help. I wanted to add a little form for you to fill out like on the CONTACT PAGE. (Go ahead and hit the "Contact Me" button up top...I'll wait) Are you back? Good! Something like that but I was going to have you add your name, address (yes, home address), email and how you wanted to enter ... (ie +5 twitter, +5 Post, +10 Button...etc.). But, I KNOW there is going to be some of you that don't want to add your home address and it won't go through without it. It's going to say error and to fill in the necessary boxes. WHY do I want to do this...YOU'LL GET YOUR PRIZE & I won't have to wait for information...I'll have it. After each giveaway the addresses are erased. I DON'T WANT THEM FOR ANY OTHER REASON. As a matter of fact, you're going to have to enter them each and every time!! So, let me know what you think. Because, I'm going to have you post under each giveaway saying you want to be included and that you filled in the form. It's just going to simplify things. But if the majority say no...I'll leave it.

So PLEASE leave your feedback!

I'm also going to turn my blog into primarily the two genres I like best...THRILLERS and YA! I read everything, but I enjoy those two most of all. I just need to finish all the review books that I have that aren't either one! There will still be a little of everything just mainly those two.

Thanks for listinging to the PRINCESS PREACH her ROYAL RAMBLINGS... She's done now!

Stay tuned for the BIG GIVEAWAY Announcement...Sign up for "Cult Insanity" and "The Imposter's Daughter" below and I'll be back to see what you think!

Oh...One more thing...If ANYONE Is Interested In SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT, Please Contact Me! It's a Whole Lot of Fun!!

Kisses - XXX


  1. Good morning Amy! The only thing I can think of that might not work well with filling out the form (for the book giveaways) would be if one or more of the winners have already won the book on another blog. Most publishing houses do not want to ship multiplease of the same book to the same winner (and lets face it, we all enter multiple contests for the same book, as least I do ;~). But thats the only thing I see that might be an issue.
    Your blog rocks (diamonds, of course!)!

  2. I wouldn't mind filling out a form with my address. I'd have to give if anyway if I won. If people didn't come to the blog and missed the post about winners or didn't read your feeds/emails you'd have the address on hand. But Susie has a point, I also enter multiple contests at different blogs,you wouldn't know if they had won elsewhere.

    Love your blog..congrats on 300 followers

  3. so rock!
    I am fine with adding my addy...I don't mind if you keep it on file either as long as it is for your use only.
    Honestly though I am getting a bit..I don't know the right word but I guess tired or frustrated of having to post for each item I do, like a post for follower, etc...and I am not talking about your blog general for ALL the blogs. It really adds up in time. That day I was here I spent 2hours on your site doing contests! Then I go to another blog I like to enter contests and you see it can fill a whole afternoon pretty quickly! I am even considering changing how I do my contests too..I LOVE how free book friday does theres...I so need to find out where to get that form or something similar! LOL I just want my followers to be excited to know?
    I hope you don't take any of this wrong..I am just rambling and trying to help!

  4. I don't mind entering forms. They have that on another site too for the same reason. Congrats on how far you are coming!!

  5. Wow, 300 How do you do it! I admire you and all your hard work. I say NO ADDRESSes but only because I am lazy and dont want to work for it, LOL

  6. I gave you an award. Come by and pick it up!

  7. I have no issues with giving you my address at all - if I won I'd have to. I've considered leaving it in my entry posts at times anyways thinking it could save me a step but then it would be open to everyone and I don't really want Joe Nobody sending me things (unless it's huge cheques and new cars!).

  8. Congrats on reaching 300+ followers on your blog and on Twitter. I just started to follow you on Twitter today. Blogging is a massive amount of work. From reading your blog I see that it's much more than just writing down your thoughts. I think it's like having a full time job. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks for all of your giveaways. I haven't won anything yet but there's always hope. I ordered jewelry from Lizzy Bleu and really liked it. I wouldn't have found her on Etsy if it wasn't for you previous giveaway. I now have one gift put away for Christmas! Thank you so much.


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