February 29, 2008

Yeah, I'm a PRINCESS, Deal with it!

My very first post...I know you're brimming with excitement and can hardly keep it in. You're hanging on every word, aren't you? Wondering, who is this "Princess" who seems to be so self-centered, a prom queen, a cheerleader, one of the girls you LOVE to gossip about and hate .... I know you, the ones that secretly wish we were friends because you know that I'm nice. Well, you're right. I am nice and you'll see, I have more issues than Cosmo! My problems seem to come one right after another....but hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who the hell CAN you laugh at.

Oh I'll rant and maybe even throw a slight tantrum, but such is life...

....and after all is said and done. I'll get over it. But for now, I'M THE PRINCESS, I'LL ALWAYS BE THE PRINCESS and basically I RULE!

Well, at least for this morning.

xxx -Kisses

The Princess


  1. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for making comments at J. Kaye's Book Blog. Love meeting new people! :)

  2. Oh goodness, you're MORE than welcome. I so love your blog...and as you can see, I NEVER keep up with mine. I was recently sick again, so it's taken a lot of time and energy from me, so I spend it reading and such.

    Thanks for being a good online friend. I love stopping by ... it makes me feel "at home".

    Your friend,

  3. Welcome to blogging! You have a very nice setup on your blog. Blogging is a blast!


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