March 25, 2008

Keeping up with the BLOGGING

Is my work NEVER done? Ok, I apologize for not keeping up with my blog : ( I said that it would be good for me, a thing I "should do", and since I journal, review and read all the time, it shouldn't be that hard for me to do....yeah, right! I've been SO sick lately and haven't been able to do a thing. I promise to try harder. And I have been visiting some really GREAT blogs.

One being J. Kaye's Book Blog! She's like a wonder woman....she does it all, reads, reviews, writes, takes care of her family and keeps up with HER's really great. You should check it out. : ) I was glad that I did!

That's all for now

XXX - The Princess


  1. Congrats on starting a blog. I started one too last month.

    I noticed you like thillers and erotica. SO you should check out my blog

    To see interviews with Jordan, Dane, Amanda Stevens, Cheryl Dragon to name a few.

    Enjoy your week

  2. Wow..thanks so much Cheryl! I definitely will. It sounds YUMMY!!


  3. LOL - Your post made my day! :) You're the greatest!!

    Now that you are blogging on a regular basis, I am going to have to stop by often to see what fun things you are up to. :)

  4. J.Kaye! See you laugh, but I am totally serious. Actually, I laughed too! I LOVE your blog and I wish I could DO IT ALL. You have serious ambition. I admire that greatly. I'm so glad that we've gotten a chance to "meet".

    Friends always,


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