March 28, 2008

A Book and A Look

Good thing I've met some new cyber-friends...I don't think I'd have a whole lot to talk about if I didn't. I guess my life just isn't that interesting after all (LOL I'm kidding). But I did post and promise that I would put up a new contest from Care’s Online Book Club! She's giving away a "Book and A Look"...What's that you ask? Well, why don't you travel on over to her blog and find out? You have nothing to lose and a $50 + prize to gain!

This IS her FIRST give-a-way. You know, I'm starting to see a trend here...

I think this princess may have to think up a ROYAL give-a-way of her own! Come back and see...


The Princess

PS For some ODD reason I have no idea why my links do not show up as so...just roll your mouse over any of the blogs that I've mentioned and >click< and you'll leave here and be ... well ... there! : ) Happy blogging!!


  1. I love your blog. You are doing a great job.


  2. Cheryl,

    Hi, THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by. : ) I love to "meet" new people and it was very sweet of you to post this. LOL

    I'm new to blogging *obviously lol, but it means so much that someone actually reads what I say and then takes the time to post. Feel free to post what you'd like.

    I'll talk with you soon. Your new friend...


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