March 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hi all : )

It's pretty late on Saturday night (whoops! Sunday Morning), and I just had some "random thoughts". I'll share them, although I can't guarantee you'll walk away any smarter! lol

Since I've started blogging >Achooo< UGh I have an awful cold......I've met some pretty wonderful and generous people in our little "book blogging community". I'm sure you all know who you are and I'm really quite impressed with the kindess and generosity that is shown.

Normally you hear about all the bad things that go on in cyberspace. (I know there IS a lot of it that goes on as well) Is our little group the exception to the rule? Or are we in the majority? Either way, I'm still amazed and perfectly happy with all of my new friends. They've opened up a new world for me and inspired me to keep my own blog going (which I never thought possible) I will start a list over on the side as soon as I figure out how. I think it's important to support these wonderful people that make reading and blogging so much fun!

I review myself. I don't usually post on my blog (obviously) but, maybe I'll start or at least have the book I'm reading and a little bit about it here on the site.

Also, I hear that BYFAB Week is coming up...So, that's going to be MY FIRST CONTEST. It's going to start on MONDAY and I'll post about it then...I'm thinking that I will choose a winner on Sunday of that week. But, who knows? I'm sure I'll change my mind and the "RULES" before then! This is going to be exciting for me! I'd like to give back something for all of the kindness, support and not to mention the generosity that I've gotten in just this short time. : )

So, STAY TUNED for my FIRST CONTEST that surely won't be my last!

Here are a few things that you SHOULD know:


The contest will be something easy...PROMISE

YOU have to be willing to send ME your address so that you may collect your prize!

That's all for now ... It MUST be getting late here on the East Coast!


XXX- Kisses



  1. It's been a year and I'm still amazed. I've had some terrible experiences with online "communities" were people were rude and arrogant and kept trying to one up each other. But book bloggers are not only smart, but also respectful and polite and kind. This really is a blessed little corner of the virtual world.

  2. Just wanted to say hello and welcome! Nymeth is right, and blogging is such a fun way to share literature. Stick around and keep blogging!

  3. You are both TWO wonderful examples of THIS community and there are SO many more! Thank you BOTH nymeth and Breeni! I appreciate you stopping by my little blog : )

    Here's to new friends!


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