March 31, 2008

Mundane Monday

As you can see, I haven't done anything of extrene excitement today. As a matter of fact, I just dragged myself out of bed a little while ago. You know, this cold is really just kicking my butt!!

I'm most likely going to just eat some dinner, take a bubble bath and read (in the tub, of course). Oh that sounds SOOOO good.

THEN I'll be back to announce MY FIRST GIVE-A-WAY to celebrate the warm welcome that I've gotten from our little (maybe not so little) Book-Blogging Community. I really mean it! I LOVE this group of people! I mean sure, I have some favorites and yes, I may visit some blogs more than others... BUT, everyone is just so genuine, friendly and generous that I actually spend time going through them all and that takes away from my actual "read-a-book time" .... and you know, I LOVE IT! I don't mind one bit.

So this GIVE-A-WAY is for YOU, my new Book Blogging Buddies. : ) If you link MY blog to yours, and spread the word, I will give you two entries in the GIVE-A-WAY. My blog is small and I just started out, so I'd like more people to come and visit and comment. It would be really great!

I'm off to eat and bubble-it-up! But, I'll be back with my next, all IMPORTANT POST!





  1. I look forward to the announcement of your giveaway! And I'll spread the word. Enjoy your time reading in the tub! (I can never do that myself, I'm too paranoid that I'll drop the book!)

  2. Just found your blog and I love it! Yes, enjoy the tub, read a good book keep on blogging

  3. I agree. Book bloggers are the coolest in the blogging community. :)

  4. Nymeth - Awe, Thank You SO much! I'm so glad that we finally "met"! I LOVE your blog as well and I would be SO happy if you could spread the word for me. I love this community. You're a very good example why! LOL You won't drop the book! Just layback and relax...Oh, I know, put it in a zip loc...LOL I guess that wouldn't work, huh?

    Richard! Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm SO glad you like it, although, the castle will be going through some major changes in the very near future to accomodate the books that I'd like to tell about and review.

    J. Kaye! My VERY FIRST blogging buddy! I appreciate all that you do. We are the coolest community, aren't we? I'll be by J.Kaye's in a few!

    Thanks again everyone. Please continue to stop by! I bet you'll like it : )

    XXX Amy


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