March 30, 2008

Anniversary Book Give-A-Way

Yes, I'm STILL up, I get into blogging and lose ALL track of time. I don't feel much like sleeping anyway...

You probably would like to know WHO's ANNIVERSARY it is and just WHAT BOOK they're giving away! Well have no fear, *I* Have all the answers,as ALWAYS ; )

It's Nymeth's ONE YEAR Anniversay for blogging and she's celebrating that and BYFAB week all at the same time. That's a BIG CELEBRATION *throwing confetti*
YAY!! Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Nymeth from This Princess to YOU!

All the *RULES AND REGGIES* are posted over on her blog, which is right here - things mean a lot: 1 Year of Blogging + Buy a Friend a Book Week!

Now about the PRIZE? It's Prizes! She has FIVE books to give away to FIVE lucky people, which means, you post which one or ones you'd like and if you win, you get one of your choices (and she has some FANTASTIC TITLES)!

This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post. Kindness and generosity are definitely present in our book circle and I think it's wonderful. So, support Nymeth, support your friends and most important, Support LITERACY!

That's it for now! Have fun and I'll talk with you soon!

XXX- Kisses



  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word!

  2. Anytime! Glad I could is just a small blog : )



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