April 3, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Hi all! I knew I'd come up with something "TH" related by today. I'm still icky sicky though. Now, maybe on Thrifty Thursday's I'll do a review of a book and raffle it off (thus making it really INEXPENSIVE for you) or I can list some new releases that are on sale....I haven't got down every detail that I'd like yet, but it's definitely going to be fun : ) Trying to get this blog off the ground has been a blast so far. I'm meeting new people and coming up with new ideas.

I just did my first review for the online site that I now work for. It's for SUSAN LYONS new book called "She's On Top". I also have some books coming in directly from two authors and two from a publisher. I always try to make room for special requests or for things that I obviously asked to be a part of. So once I get those in and start to read them, I'll definitely be posting reviews. I have to anyway. Plus, I have a ton (not exactly a whole ton) of books to read for the romance site. OK, the books that I am getting directly in are "And the whippoorwill Sang" by Micki Peluso, "The Tao of Fertility" by Daoshing Ni/Dana Kerko, and "Dream Lucky" by Roxane Orgill. I can't figure out how to put pictures in different areas on here. They all either stay at the top or go down either side of my text. I'm not sure how to do this...but J.Kaye, I know you can, I'm just not sure how.

The last two of these books mentioned are Arcs, but "And the Whippoorwill Sang" is out now. It sounds really good. I'll post a blurb for it in a bit along with her site and her blog that tells a lot of interesting facts about the book. I can't wait to read it. It has a really nice cover, is out in a nice trade paperback size, nice paper and not too tightly bound! YAY (those were all my requirements for last weeks BTT.

Ok, I wanted to read "The Tao of Fertility" for my own personal reasons. Some of which I will share with you now. (This is incase I have to take a break to go into the hospital. which happens to me quite often.) While I have one son (Devin Jacob) whom I couldn't be more proud of. Not just because he's extremely intelligent or handsome, but he has compassion and caring and he just sees the world so beautifully. He's my gift. This I know. My problem comes to me in my very early twenties, I find out that I have cancer (it's returned three times since then) and because of the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, I will not be able to have any more. I had to go to a specialist and I now may have an option in the future, but it's doubtful (sorry, I can't go into this yet, but most likely I will open up more in time) . I dislike discussing this....it makes me teary-eyed. It ruins my day. I've been in a ton of pain lately and it really scares me. This is what happened all the other times.

The type of cancer I have is malignant tumors called "Ewing Sarcoma" and it's very rare. They have no idea how or why I have this ... no one else in my family has it now or has ever had in the past. (Ok...this is way off topic) So, back to the third book, "Dream Lucky". It' s also an ARC and looks like a really informative and fun. About when FDR was in the white house and everything that goes on in that period. So, I may be able to pass those along as well (not "And the Whippoorwill Sang, because it's signed by the author TO me...cool huh?) I'd really like to support her, so I will probably purchase a copy for an upcoming raffle when I review it. She may even be able to give me an interview for the blog.

It's so much fun doing this on my own. I've done reviews for quite sometime and it's always been for someone else. (That's why I think PUMP UP YOUR BOOK is ignoring the Princess) They just don't think I have the skills I bet. I bet they think...her blog is NOT going to work as a BOOK BLOG...well I don't happen to think they're right. So *THERE!

OK...that's enough of an update for now. Of course I just read "A Heart-Shaped Box" by Joe Hill for fun and I think I may just post a review on it, even though it's an older book. Is that OK?

XXX- Kisses

The Princess


  1. Please post the review! I have Heart-Shaped Box under my desk in here.

    And no, it's NOT to late to do Booking Through Thursday -- c'mon and join in! It's fun.

    I'm glad you stopped by. Breeni said you would -- but she doesn't live with me at my blog. She just hangs with me a lot. (as do many others; come meet my groupies!)

  2. How long ago did you contact PUYB, Amy? It may take them a bit to get back to you. But your blog is pretty new, and they're probably looking for established blogs. Just give it some time. ;)

    Goodness, I have heard so much about Heart-Shaped Box! I'd love to read a review, too.

  3. This is my second time trying to post this SO I hope it goes through.

    HI Susan!! HI Breeni!! (waving)

    Thank you so much for stopping by. It doesn't seem that too many people really care what I have to say...that's kind of disappointing. I'm glad to see new people visit thougj...even if it's just for now. : )

    I'll post one. It was SO awesome. I wanted to know if he and his father had similar writing skill, and they do! I really Loved it! : )

    PUYB...I'm not sure when I did, but J.Kaye said I should go for it. I wasn't sure. But she's the sweetest and always helps me when I need it so I sent them a letter...I hope they aren't reading it now! LOL : )

    I did come by your blog today Susan and I posted. I just can't shake this cold...it's SO kickin' my butt.

    Thanks for being so great..you are always here for me. How lucky am I? Awwwe. I'm glad we're friends : )


  4. Amy, I am with the other two, share about Joe Hill's latest book. I've read it and am curious how you feel about it.

    Thank you for sharing your health with the blogging world. I think you'll find out that you have lots of support. :)

  5. Oh forgot to add - I love this theme thing you got going! Too cool.

  6. I have Heart Shaped Box somewhere around here.

  7. J.Kaye, it's always great to see you! Thank you for your continued help and support. I needed to share. I thought they should know as well in case. I'll tell you this much about Heart-shaped box. I loved it. He has a writing style like his father. : )

    Hi Chris and thank you for coming by again. I'm so glad that some of you are here to see how I am, how my blog is doing and what I have not say. (not just the contest)!

    Thank you all xoxo love ya

  8. I LOVED Heart-Shaped Box! Do post your thoughts on it. It's not that old a book, but even if it were it would be perfectly okay. I've reviewed The Odyssey on my blog, and it doesn't get much older than that.

    I'm sorry to hear about your health, Amy. I wish you all the very best, and I'll be sending warm thoughts your way.


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