June 23, 2008

She's Back! Thank YOU!

Hi Everyone!! ::Waving:: I don't even know where to begin to thank you all!! I really don't. You're kindness, heart-felt thoughts and prayers have meant the world to me and still do. I received the most beautiful gifts, flowers, cards and notes while I was in the hospital. You all really shocked me and I really don't know where to even start (I said that already didn't I?) or something similar. It's because I'm crying and I can't believe that you all thought so much of me to share your stories with me. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I'd like to thank TRISH, DeNita and Sandy Patsy for being so giving and wonderful. I'm going to write to each notes, but I'm also going to write you ONE HUGE thank you!

You couldn't have been nicer to Vanessa, Kim or Dawn. They know absolutely NOTHING about this and told us all about how they got such gracious offers for help and many notes of love and prayer to pass on. I've been switched from my last hospital to another one. I've had one surgery and there are three left. I will be on and off and I do love you all. Thank you for continuing to visit.

I have SO SO MANY REVIEWS to catch up with. All I've done is my comfort reading. AMAZING. I LOVE to give back to the authors that have helped me over the years. It's truly great and exactly what I need. You know what? I read and read and write and write and forget about all of the badness going on. Sometimes I can get on line, and others I can't. I absolutely LOVE doing this and NO ONE can take this away from me. There has been SO MUCH TAKEN. This can not.

Remember that I LOVE and thank you all. I've missed you too! I'll be back ... most likely later on today!



Until Later...


  1. So glad to have you back! :)

  2. Yes, I agree. It is good to have The Princess back. So glad to hear you are doing better

  3. Hi Amy! It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad to hear you're recovering. I'll be sending you positive thoughts.

  4. Hi Amy! It is wonderful to see you back here...we have missed you :)

  5. You have been awarded. Check out my blog to read all about it. Thanks



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