July 17, 2008


Well, they've decided that I'm still too weak for my next surgery that they had planned and I've been getting SO many emails and calls from all of you that I wanted to let you know that I am fine, just weak and fighting, because that's what I've got!

When I'm stronger, it will be planned and you will know, PROMISE! SO many great contests going on, which I will be back to tell you about and if you'd like a number where you can reach me, just email me at IAmHiMaintenance@aol.com!

There are some of you that I have things for and WENDY, I didn't forget that you won, way back when ... it will be coming I PROMISE and I will email you as soon as I can, or email me so that I have your email. J.Kaye, I have a couple things for you and I believe I have your address and IF NOT, I will bother you for it again. Trish and Sandy Ellen Patsy, I think you've been MY BIGGEST FAN through all of this! LADIES and GENTLEMEN, Sandy Patsy is the Author of The Power of Pussy so, if you haven't read this yet, You can look back to my interview or email Sandy at SandyEllenPatsy@aol.com and she will answer any questions you have if you've read the book or about the book. Her Interview should be up this weekend for questions and answers! Sandy Patsy is now 63 and wrote a HOT book all about her torrid love affaid with Peter...it's got it's ups and downs and things and Positions I can hope I can get in at that age! *SEE ANOTHER OUTLOUD THOUGHT*...they get me into trouble usually, but Sandy Patsy is on SWEET and GENEROUS lady. She did something AMAZING FOR ME, which she deserves to be thanked for publically and I was actually threatened by another author that was running a contest and when I won and she didn't give me the prize, I was told I couldn't use our conversations or tell the whole blog-o-sphere what happened. It was a threat. SANDY PATSY came to help and did so much for me and still does when I'm down. AS DO SO SO SO SO SO many of you!

It's also been kind of a busy week. I've gotten in some great books for review, I will share those with you as soon as I feel a little bit better, later on today and for some reason, I can only get on at certain times. The internet is horrible here so I will be on and off when I can!

A couple of quick contests, J.Kaye has some really TEMPTING BOOKS THAT ALL WENT IN MY TBB PILE (that's to be bought...for those of you who are slow with my book LIN-GO. Here's the link to that HAPPY Girl's Blog...and don't listen to tyrant J.Kaye, believe me, there is NO SUCH THING... So if you want A whole LOT of fun...skip on over to J. Kaye's Book Blog!

An AMAZING contest that TRISH is having on her blog Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? Now, IF you know TRISH and I'm sure most of you do, she's the beautiful one always laughing with something nice to say about everyone...and then she throws in her potty humor and her "DUDE I AM NOT EVEN KIDDIN'"! OK Well that's how she starts this contest and DUDE I AM NOT EVEN KIDDIN', it's SO WORTH IT....so here are my girl Trish's DIRECT WORDS ABOUT HER CONTEST, YES, THERE ARE MORE WAYS TO WIN, YOU have to go and see to find out more than this!!

"Hachette Book Group USA is doing a Summer Reads Giveaway and wants to give away 14 books. For up to FIVE people. Doing the math…five times four is twenty, carry the two….that’s SEVENTY books they’re willing to part with. And send to you. For free. And all you have to do is comment here. More on your entry possibilities below.

There’s true crime, fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, romance, thrillers…click on the link to the book to get a synopsis."

Tell ME THAT CONTEST ISN'T the best ONE ALL Summer!! So go check it out...but don't get too close to those books...I'm going to win...(ahem) I mean congratulations ALL!


That's ALL for now!


  1. Amy - You've been in my thoughts. I pray that you will get stronger. It's been a uphill battle for you.

    There are some great contests going on right now. I hope I win them!

  2. Same here. I've got your emails. :) Been running in circles as usual!

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Amy. I love your attitude about everything. :-)

  4. Still praying for you. I will be holding a contest on my blog starting July 22 for a copy of Tan Lines by J. J. Salem. Check it out.

  5. Thank you ALL so so much! I don't know if I could make it through each day without your well wishes, prayers and warm words! I hold each one of you close to my heart. Keep me close to yours, I need it so much right now. I'm just too weak. Maw, J.Kaye, Wendy and Cheryl, I love you all and will be by to leave you comments soon.

    Thank you again. You're all my rock

  6. Hey chica, just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm thinking about you! I nominated you for an award, so stop by when you get the chance!



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