September 22, 2008

Interview with SANDY ELLEN PATSY!

Well, first and foremost, I'd like to say hello to our guest author Sandy Ellen Pasty who has written the much talked about "Power of Pussy"! It's the story of a woman who let us all read about her steamy relationship without holding anything back!

Princess - Welcome Sandy and I hope you are having a wonderful day thus far. As you know, we're here to talk about your book, the "Power of Pussy". Why don't you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Sandy - Thank you for the warm welcome and I really love the blog!

Princess - Awe...that was quite sweet of you to say, but let's not keep your fans waiting! How about just a *little* bit of Sandy Ellen Patsy?

Sandy - Well, the "Power of Pussy" is my debut book. The first book I've ever written. My fans like you are what keep my book doing well! I'd like to thank you all for that and if you haven't given it a try, please don't let the title scare you off! I heard it has been, it's very tastefully done and full of juicy information and secrets all women should know!

Princess - Sandy, I have to agree with you, I have heard from a few women that they were reluctant to read your book, but after reading it and loving it, I have to say that it is tastefully done and it's all about a relationship between two people and what happens when reality gets in the way! Anything else we should know?

Sandy - Oh yes, I have written many commercials and there's the fact over 30 years of selling TV Network-affiliated air time.....wait, some of those might have seemed just SLIGHTLY exaggerated! LOL

Princess - *giggling* What are the characters like in your book?

Sandy - Well the characters in the book are myself and a man that I love in an unworkable, ridiculous relationship. If I had my choice, I would wish my character was fictional and have sworn to never be one of those people again. Now I've changed. What I held to be true in my first book will be refuted in my second. Yes, this means a sequel! I've been working on my personality!

Princess - WOW Sandy, a sequel! You sound MUCH different than you did in your book and I believe that you have been working on your personality! You sound much more confident! Who would you say influences you on a typical writing day?

Sandy - Hmm...this is a really good one! I'd say what influences me on a typical writing day is a event or an idea spawned from every day life... like for example, here's a good one: Last night on National Geographic, I watched the 911 special. I am still floored at the incredible ignorance of the FBI and CIA. I don't care, they can come and arrest me! What I had missed on my first viewing was what I feel is the strongest motivation of all; Pussy! The promise of sex with 72 virgins made me come out of my chair. Don't worry, that will be expounded upon in my next book!

Princess - That sounds interesting and I guess I'll have to wait just like everyone else to see what's going to happen! Was that a little teaser? (LOL)

Sandy - LOL! Yes, I believe it was!!

Princess - Alright Sandy, before saying goodbye to you for now, I have just one last question. I'd like to thank you for stopping by and I hope you have had as much fun as I have. When you get writer's block, what do you do to get rid of it?

Sandy - And before I answer this, I would like to say that yes, I've had a blast and I hope to be back with my next book! As for your last question, I don't get writer's block. If I don't have an idea, I don't write. If I'm trying to come with an idea, it sounds stale and contrived. I have to embrace what I'm writing.

Princess - Sandy WELCOMES all email and you should send it to Would you like to visit her blog and leave a comment? That's easy as pie...the link can be found here POWER OF PUSSY and if you'd like to be her friend on myspace, just follow this link - SANDY PATSY - 63 - Female - Kansas - . I say visit there now, she's having a contest through Author Island and it involves jewelry! (A necklace) I can't thank you enough for stopping by Sandy and I wish you Success with the follow up to your first book!
Thanks again for taking the time to stop by! I miss you all!


Until next time...have fun reading!


  1. Great interview! I really should check out this book.

  2. Thanks Breeni, I really LOVE to see you here. I hate being in this hospital's really just creepy and after visiting hours. Ick. Nothing... Check out Sandy Patsy's Blog, she's giving away a necklace and an autographed book! How cool is that?

  3. Wow! What a fun interview. Love learning more about Sandy! :)

  4. Thank you so much J.Kaye! I LOVE your blog as well and am always there amazed at just how much you get done! Thank you again for stopping by : ) You always make me smile!

  5. Awe...Cheryl, thank you for such a sweet comment! I've been meaning to put it up forever. It's tough trying to keep up. You're all my keep me strong. I really don't say it enough, but THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU!

    xo Amy


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