April 28, 2009

Etsy Shop of Interest *LIZZY BLEU*

While I was ill, there was one author in particular that always checked in on me and sent me some really sweet things to make me smile, cards and called as well. As I started to get better, I really wanted to send her something back for her genuine interest in my well being.

I wanted something that was definitely from *ME*, but would be appropriate for an author! I found the cutest store on Etsy that sells bracelets and other jewelry made from vintage typewriter keys and they are absolutely adorable! The artist's name is Lizzy and she is amazingly talented! I just wanted to share her store with you just in case you might want one of these cute little bracelets (or other items) for yourself.

I do have a few other ideas, but I'm thinking of giving one away for my blog-a-versary. I'm such a shop-a-holic! I already got one for myself as well! LOL Maybe I should post a picture of mine here. I LOVE it!

OK...some other information you might need...

How about the name of her Etsy Shop? It's Lizzy Bleu and here's the link to one of the examples! Very cute!

She also accepts CUSTOM ORDERS as well!! I'm sure I can go on and on... It would probably be best if you just go and check it out for yourself! Although, I MUST say that the packaging is beautiful as well and she is a VERY wonderful person to work with!

So, this is my little way of thanking her!! THANK YOU LIZZY!!

I hope you all enjoy her work! This one is the one she made for me....

LizzyBleu typewriter bracelet

Here's another one that she has had in her shop in the past and I thought some of you might find it just as cute as I did!
That's all I have for you today!!




  1. Hi Amy :D

    Those bracelets are so original, cute.

    Ok, I have you back on my favorite blogs :)))))

  2. Thanks Madeleine : ) How are you? Aren't they adoreable? I got quite a few emails about them! I am going to use that as the gift for my giveaway for my blog-a-versary. Now, I just have to think of something to do!! So, if anyone has any ideas for my contest, let me know!! xoxo Amy

  3. Those are so cool!! It is really nice to see you back in the blogsphere!! - Stephanie

  4. Hi Stephanie!

    Aren't they the cutest?? I'm going to use them for my give-a-way! So, check back for sure! They are even more precious in person! Thanks for the welcome back!


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