April 24, 2009


I know...I've made it sound like a new twist to an old dance. Sure up there in the heading, it even sounds FUN! But, OK...and maybe it's just me....you know what? I'm SURE it IS just ME. I can NOT for the life of me figure this thing out!! (just like all of you trying to figure out my punctuation in that last sentence...)

What is it FOR? What is it? I mean, I'm not SUPER computer savvy and I'll admit that right now and up FRONT. I do MySpace, Face Book, Library Thing... My Blog. Why Oh Why can't I figure out TWITTER.

I'm like a little kid when it comes to this sort of thing.... "I WANNA' TWITTER TOO!!"

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE can and is Twittering!! (Is that a word??) They all have the bug and now I've been bitten too! But it's like symptoms with NO COLD! How do I catch it? And I'm sitting right here until someone offers this *Princess* up some help! I want to follow you all on Twitter. But HOW...HOW do I?
Anyone who's Anyone is on Twitter, Right? (Seriously, this is what I'm being told) And another question... If I can't figure this out, does it make me a *twit*? (That I just threw in there to make myself laugh... You didn't know I was so witty... did you?)

OK...I'll stop whining like a child now. (*For the moment...but I swear I can't promise anything) After all, I'm sure you've gotten my point! And in case you haven't...

What's wrong with me? Why can't I just Twitter Too?

That's all I've got for ya'

....I'll figure this out. Just you wait and see! (Of course, someone already has MY name!)




  1. lol. No, it does not make you a twit :P

    The easiest way to find everyone is to go to a blog that has a link to the person's twitter page and add them. Then go to the list of the people they follow and go adding the ones you recognize, and then see who THEY follow, etc. That's how I found most of the bookish community.

  2. Are you sure...LOL I feel like one! :D I'm the only one that can't Twitter!! I can try...it still sounds a little...well...confusing...LOL I told you I'm a twit! : )

    But I'm your friendly bookish neighborhood twit!

    xoxo Amy

  3. It's definitely confusing/overwhelming at first, but it gets easier with time. Also, there are little applications you can download, like Twitterdeck or Twitterfox, which make it a lot easier to manage.

  4. I've decided to definitely give it a try! Thanks Nymeth! I think everyone's forgotten about me since I have been gone SO long! LOL



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