October 18, 2009


First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my lack of blogging lately... or should I say my absence?  I've been going through a tough time with my health again and I'm going to try to make up for me not being here this week.  I've got SO many things coming up!  Really...  You'll be amazed.  But, I really wanted to take a minute just to say "Thank You" to all of you that have emailed, sent a mail through the contact button, called and tweeted just to say "Hello", wondering how I am doing, and wishing me well.  I can't tell you just how touched I am.  The book blogging community is filled with SO many truly wonderful, caring and sweet people ... really, I am over-whelmed with the out pouring of support and kindess.  If there were only more people in the world like all of you.  I have really amazing readers!  So, I'll stop being sappy and teary-eyed now, say a HUGE "Thank You" and  go on with what's coming up! OK?

Up next is the LONG Awaited Contest for the Kindle or Sony e-reader! The Winner will get their choice courtesy of author Matthew Carter (Liquid Soul).  I've got the rules on how you can win that one coming up! So, the button over there to the right...is wrong...it WILL be replaced! You do NOT want to miss being a part of this! Also, for those of you that missed the "Never Slow Dance with a Zombie" Twitter Contest hosted by me and sponsored by the author of that wonderful book E. Van Lowe (your prizes will be out to you THIS week) I have a copy of "Never Slow Dance with a Zombie" and the cutest "Zombie Love" T-Shirt EVER and I do mean EVER! Make sure you keep an eye out for that.  If I don't list it...I decided to keep it for me, it's that Adorable!  Me likey!  : )

For those of you that don't know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  So, I have some Pink items and another special giveaway for this wonderful cause.  The American Cancer Society is VERY Near and Dear to Me! I love that they are the "Official Sponsor of Birthdays" and I'm happy to say that ONE of those birthdays are MINE! While I did not have breast cancer, I feel that a person dealing with any type of this disease can relate to just how important it is to stay positive, keep fighting and to never give up! We WILL One Day Find a Cure!  I have an adorable Pink Curling Iron and Straightening Iron from Barbar coming up that I will review and then ONE Lucky Reader will have the very same item that I received.  If you'd like to know what it looks like, just check HERE!  There will be other items up this month, be sure to look for those!

Now because October is also time for Halloween, I have quite a few spooktacular book reviews and giveaways coming up!  One includes a HAUNTINGLY HUGE HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY sponsored by Hachette Book Group which includes FIVE Spooky Books for each of THREE Very Lucky Winners!  With that Giveaway, your name will be put in a drawing, and you could be one of 20 people that will  also be receiveing a SIXTH Book which is an ARC of "The Bride Collector" by Ted Dekker! What are the other five? Watch for the Giveaway!

Enough right?  After those, you don't want ANY more Giveaways.... right? I mean, you must be all giveawayed-out! NO! I'm Shocked! Well then, good thing because I've got MORE! 

I'm SO sorry I've been away and I will be making it up to all of you, but I did miss being able to write and talk with all of you!  I'm going to TRY (key word) to post at least one post daily.  If not, it's probably because I'm just not feeling too well that day but I WILL post as I can.

I do have one *little* thing that I'd like to address because I did have a problem with this.  For the MOST part, I (as in ME, Personally) am VERY Rarely responsible for sending out Prizes! With that said, I am also not responsible for any prizes that are NOT received by you once I submit your name to the specific publishers, companes, and/or PR companies. OK?  I am SURE they will ALL send what's promised to you.  Just give them a little time. If you feel you've been waiting a LONG time (like 8-10 weeks) then feel free to drop me a line about a prize and I'll see what I can do.  I have never come across a company that didn't send the prize.  I just thought I'd add that as my *disclaimer* to all of you lucky lucky prize winners!  In other words, I put up my HONEST review based on either the book/product that I recieved and then I pass along the books and products that are promised in a giveaway to you!  Most of the time this only includes me sending your name along. IF FOR SOME REASON I (as in ME, Personally) HAVE THE PRIZE HERE - I WILL MAIL THAT OUT TO YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!  If I'm a late, I do apologize, but things come up and the day it gets mailed out to you, I promise you will get an email from me! If I have the prize you WILL have your prize!  Now that all that has been discussed, it will not be brought up again...it's listed on the "Giveaway Policy" Page which is tabbed at the top of my blog!

I hope you're ready to WIN...because I'm getting ready for the holidays which are my favorite time of the year and THIS PRINCESS is in the GIVING MOOD!  Thank you ALL again!  I'm a *bit late* with "Saturday Spotlight" but I'll see if I can get it up! If not, I do have some winners!  Sorry for the long-winded post, it was MUCH needed!

If YOU have any questions, comments and/or concerns, PLEASE feel free to contact me! I'm always ONE CLICK AWAY! After all, without your input, this blog cannot continue to grow! So -- Preach to the Princess!!  Also, I want to suggest - that means strongly but you don't have to do it - that you sign up for email subscriptions or my feed so you don't miss your name when you win and important posts that are listed.  I have some ROYAL GIVEAWAYS coming up that are NOT TO BE MISSED!!

That's all for now! I'll be back with THREE Big Winners!! (and possibly a Saturday Spotlight!)



  1. Greetings Princess Amy, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, and we find you in good health again!

  3. I'm just hoping you're feeling better...

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    ♥ HUGS ♥

  5. Let the trumpets play, cake be served and the princess be seated on her throne. Welcome back. May be the wind be to your back and the sun shine on your face. I hope this week is easier. I am glad to see you had some time to post.



  6. I hope you are feeling better!!! You certainly made up for your absence with today's post!! Have a wonderful rest of the day! And thanks for sharing your day here!


  7. I hope you feel stronger everyday, Princess A!

  8. YAY! Wonderful to hear from you! :) I was popping int today to see how you were doing and what a wonderful post was waiting here to let me know. :)

  9. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. We've been missing you! Sending healthy thoughts your way...

    We'll be patient as you (hopefully) start feeling better :)

  10. you have some excellent giveaways! :) I hope i win the kindle!!

  11. I'm sorry you've been having health problems and so glad you put up that disclaimer. I guess I need to do that, too, or something similar. There have been a couple of books I won (not from your blog) and never received. I'm just not going to worry about them. It's funny how uptight people can get if a book doesn't show up right away.

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you stay well.

  13. Sorry to hear you have been having health issues. I hope things are back to normal for you soon :)

  14. I hope your all better very soon. God bless.

  15. You've been missed! It's so good to have you back and I hope you're feeling better. Don't pressure yourself to do too much. We enjoy all you do but it's not fun if you're not enjoying it too. Relax and be well!

  16. Oh Amy, I hope things are getting better for you. I want you to know if you ever need some help just drop me a line. I am sure all the work you do for the blog is daunting.

    Katrina (xoxo)

  17. I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  18. Aw, that's great you are back. Sorry you were sick. I hate being sick. That's great to hear about all the fun things coming up. I can't wait!!!

    Check this out and would you mind posting about it? I'd love your for lifeeee. LOL


    It's all for a good BOOK-GIVING cause

  19. I have two awards for you here:



  20. Oh, Princess i hope you are feeling better, sometimes we all need a little time off.

  21. I'm glad you like the Zombie Love shirt! It was fun doing the art.

    I hope your spirits are still up.

  22. I'm sorry to hear you're having health issues. You're in my prayers, Princess Amy! I hope all is well. ♥♥♥

  23. Thanks for all the info in this post, and I hope you are doing well! =)


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