November 10, 2009

Winner Worries!

Before I announce today's winner's, I feel that it's necessary for me to point out a few Giveaway Rules that are not being followed and believe it or not, it's caused more than five people to lose their prizes today. One was the Lizzy Bleu $50.00 Giveaway and I was forced to pick a new name! I really dislike doing this. First of all, it's hard enough to pick a winner without having to take it away.  I know what you're  thinking ... "Princess St." MUST be a ONE WAY! Not so! I have been accepting entries without saying a word for a long time now and I really don't think that I ask too much.  I also know you have questions and I'm going to answer them!  If what I write up in this post doesn't answer your question, or it is not clear, please feel free to comment below and I'll answer you ASAP!

Why did these individuals lose their prize? Good question and I do have the answers for you.  It all came about with the "Giveaway to Sell You Soul For.." which is being sponsored by the Very Generous Matthew Carter, author of "Liquid Soul"!  I started actually checking *If people were doing what they said they were doing in the entries and to my shock, some are not! Please only put what you are actually doing, otherwise, it will result in a prize forfeit.  Matthew actually brougt this to my attention while keeping track of points for the reader.  See, I was just assuming that everyone was being honest.  Not the case.  I DO understand that mistakes happen and that some of you (Blogger Followers) thought that you were following Publically and through Google Friend Connect.  This is the ONLY step that I require to win prizes here, and it's not that hard to click the button.

Why do I need you to follow? Here's something you may not know. Companies and even some small publishers will not work with you unless you have a certain number of followers or daily visits.  So, if you'd like me to keep having these giveaways (especially the big ones) , and I have a few biggies coming up for the Christmas season, then I ask you to PLEASE follow!  Visiting, Commenting and Having an Opinion are all big factors as well.  Back to other reasons why prizes were not able to be given - NO EMAIL, how am I going to contact you? I even went to some of the links and still no email. So, from now on, if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address below, I want you to comment and then copy that comment and send it to me so that at least I have your email address.  I'm also working on having some sort of sheet that you can fill out.  But again, I need a simple email address. Other things that happened today....One person's number came up and in that post it said "I have your button on my blog!"  I go to check, not there! Again, if you just put what you do have, then you will be allowed to win! This person followed and had an email address!  I'm going to assume that they meant to put it on the blog AFTER they wrote it and then forgot.

I'm sorry if you think this is drastic, but with the large up-coming giveaways, I want the people that are really doing what they say they are doing to have a fair chance at winning!  Lastly, check the email address you leave me! Two came back and I'm guessing that they filled it out quickly and made a spelling error.  This is your email address! You should KNOW it!

OK...enough Blabber and now that I've totally drained ALL of the fun out of the next post, I'm ready to announce today's winners!

All that I ask is that you take a moment to read the Giveaway Rules and Follow them! I WANT You to have your Prizes! I LIKE Announcing winners!  And, I'm going to keep having Giveaways! Lots of them! So PLEASE Participate and have a GREAT TIME!

Note *In case you have been living under a rock and haven't heard about the KINDLE, SONY POCKET, or NOOK giveaway, See the sidebar and Enter! Enter! Enter!  "Liquid Soul" is a fantastic, creepy, down-right frightening Thriller of a book!!



  1. Boo to cheaters... It makes it no fun for everyone else - the sponsor, the host blogger, and the real entrants!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I thought I was following with Google Friend Connect and I wasn't!! Arghhhhh!!!

  3. Hey Princess,
    I have had the same problem on my blog from time to time. I don't think you will ever be able to get away from it if you have contests, but everyone has been forewarned.

    You might want to consider Google Doc to have entry forms in your posts. I have tried this in the past and sense you blog is Google based they are so simple to create and add that I was amazed. And you can make certain fields required. Might be an answer for you.

  4. It's amazing that you do all of these giveaways and if people want the free stuff your giving away, it shouldn't be too hard to actually follow the rules. It's quite kind of you to take the time out to remind followers to read the rules carefully before entering.


  5. Hi Amy! Good post! I have that happen to me too, for giveaways I will ask a question to be answered or some other thing and some just dont do it.

    I totally support what you are trying to do here and because it happens to me as well, I am very careful when I sign up for giveaways to make sure I am following what is asked.

  6. I think what you ask is totally fair! And good for you for putting this post out there. Nothing you ask of your readers is hard or even takes much time!


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