July 18, 2010

Finn Throws A Fit! by David Elliot

Finn Throws A Fit
Author: David Elliott
Illustrator: David Basil Ering
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: August, 2009
Pages: 40
Price (Hardcover) : $16.99/20.00
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-2356-2
Age Range: 2 yrs - 4 yrs
Grade Range: Preschool


Finn likes peaches. Usually. But not today. Today Finn doesn’t like anything. Uh-oh. Is Finn going to thow a fit? Author David Elliott directs the event with wit, warmth, and appropriate wariness, while illustrator Timothy Basil Ering's energy and whmsy match this tantrum turn for turn. At once empathetic and uproariously funny, this picture book speaks directly to anyone (young or old) who has ever had -- or tried to contain -- a real earth-quaking, ground-shaking, full-on fit.

Who among us hasn't encountered that force of nature called "a fit"? A best-selling author and illustrator depict a toddler’s tantrum in all its horror and hilarity.

My Thoughts:

I knew I wanted to review "Finn Throws A Fit" the moment I saw the cover! Yes, it was love at first sight for me and well, let's just say that I haven't stopped reading it since! Who hasn't been going about their business and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it seems like this precious child has gone from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds and over what? Everyone in the room and even if it's just you is looking around like ... "Excuse me? Where is my lovable, sweet child and..... [insert long pause]  What did you do with him?"

That's adorable Finn! Oh, he usually likes peaches but, his mother gave him the mistake of thinking he might like some today. Finn doesn't like peaches today.  Finn doesn't like ANYTHING today and EVERYONE is going...to...pay! You see Finn doesn't just throw any 'ol toddler fit, he throws THE FIT to END ALL FITS!  He throws a full on tantrum and soon there is thunder in the nursery, lightening in the kitchen, and even a blizzard in the bathroom! Imagine what goes on in the rest of the house!

I have to say that Finn is one of the most adorably drawn characters I've seen in a long time! The illustrations are beautifully done throughout the book and the story is sure to make both parents and children alike laugh outloud.  I have bought two of these books already as gifts.  What can I say, Finn had my heart at page one.  His little blue blankie and those yellow boots, peaches or not, I'll take him home any day! If you're looking for a fun book to read aloud with your favorite little one, look no further, you've found it in "Finn Throws A Fit!"  

About The Author:

Some things you may not have known about David Elliot (as taken from his bio page).

1.  I love corny jokes. (Did you hear about the little girl who ate bullets? Her hair grew out in bangs.)

2.  I can yodel.

3.  I would like to live in Paris.

4.  I give my dog a big juicy kiss every morning.

5.  Three of my favorite kids' books are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Kidnapped by Robert Lewis Stevenson and Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit.

6.  Three of my favorite books for adults are My Antonia by Willa Cather, Bleak House by Charles Dickens and The Diary of Helena Morely translated from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Bishop.

7.  When I was twelve I worked on a dairy farm, but for only one day because the farmer said I made the cows nervous.

8.  I love pancakes.

9.  I am almost always on a diet (see No. 8).

10. Frogs give me the creeps.


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