July 12, 2010

Huge Giveaway, Reviews & Ramblings

This is A Royal Rambling by Order of the Princess:

I just wanted to make a post as a little explaination, reminder and to let you know about some of the wonderful things planned for Park-Avenue Princess!  As most of you know, I was "away" for a little while due to an ongoing  personal illness and I am trying to get  Park-Avenue Princess right back to where it was so winners are being notified by email and starting with the LIZZY BLEU GIVEAWAY, which is right below this post, I will start posting winners on the blog again.  I just need to catch up! 

Speaking of the LIZZY BLEU GIVEAWAY, you still have plenty of time to enter! It's open to everyone, no matter where you live (no P.O. Boxes) as long as you are a friend on Google Friend Connect by following this blog.  This is important because Park-Avenue Princess wants her friends back and her traffic and is going to reward all of her friends by having a HUGE GIVEAWAY.

What is this HUGE GIVEAWAY you ask?  How about a Brand New B&N Nook? Would that make you happy? There will be several ways for you to win. All I'm going to need you to do is spread the word about Park-Avenue Princess and I'd like to see at least 1000 followers and we're almost there.  But, again, there will be many ways to enter.  So, you do have that to look forward to VERY soon!

The next GIVEAWAY I have for you will be from J*Flops! There will be Two winners for this Giveaway and you can design your own pair of Flip Flops and when I say they are not only ADORABLE they are MADE with love and quality as well! Starting NOW and ENDING August 31st you can use the code PRINCESS at the checkout and receive 15% off your order at the J*Flops site! I will have my review and the giveaway up VERY VERY SOON! If you sign up for updates, you won't miss it! I LOVE my pair and am going to buy myself another pair.  Who doesn't love their flops in the summer? These do not pinch between the toes and their IS a style for everyone!  You'll see what I mean!  I'd start browsing J*Flops now so you get an idea for what you want as a treat for your feet!

As for my Royal Reviews, this Princess is So behind.  She's read more books than she can count, but all of her reviews are on index cards and this week I would like to get up some wonderful books that are coming out tomorrow from CANDLEWICK PRESS! Their Spring/Summer line up is absolutely amazing!

I have so many plans in the works for Park-Avenue Princess and I'm hoping to get the changes done quickly but I can't find someone that knows exactly what I'd like.  I hope you'll stay with me and PLEASE visit often. Leave comments, I love that! Plus, here's a hint - Once I put up the Nook Giveaway, it's going to be a way to earn yourself some pretty easy points! A daily visit and a comment or two! I try to visit sites daily as well and if you'd like me to stop by yours well then just leave it in the comments!

Another thing I'd like to bring back is my SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT! That means if you are another Blogger and would like to be featured here, please hit my contact button and let me know! If you've already gotten my letter for SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT but, I never got to you, contact me and we'll work something out! 

Last order of business for now...if you've won something from me, but have not received it, Please follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS - Hit the "CONTACT BUTTON" up top and fill it out with your email address along with your name and prize and I will get back to you!

Thank You for making Park-Avenue Princess the site that it's become! I've got so much more in store and I hope you'll stay here with me and grow!

Kisses and Toodles!


  1. Welcome back! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for your blog. :)

  2. Thank you Orchid! You're going to love it! :)

  3. Yay for fun stuff coming up. it is nice to see you back. :) The auctions will be starting soooon. I'll try and send you an email just in case though!


  4. So glad to have you back! I know how it feels to be absent...I was recently hospitalized for a serious illness and I'm actually still recuperating from home. Trying to get back into blogging myself. But seriously, we have missed you around here and it's really great that we'll be getting more of your time. I just hope that you are feeling better and are taking care of yourself. Best, ~M~


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