July 13, 2010

Speckle The Spider by Emma Dodson

Speckle The Spider
Author:  Emma Dodson
Publisher: Candlewick
Published: July 13, 2010
Pages: 32
Price (Hardcover) :  $14.99/$18.00
ISBN: (Hardcover) : 978-0-7636-4778-0
Age Range: 3 yrs - 7 yrs
Grade Range: Preschool - Grade 1


Speckle is sure he’s a special kind of spider -- so special and talented that he should be better appreciated than he is at home in the Bahamas. So off he sets on an adventure in search of fame and recognition, and after some run-ins with giants of various species, finally finds himself on public display. The ambitious Speckle is certainly getting lots of attention, but it’s not quite what he had in mind! With fun, energetic illustrations and plenty of interactive features -- including "fan mail," memorabilia, and a mini book of spider facts -- this engaging tale of "be careful what you wish for" is certain to charm even the arachnophobes among us.

Join Speckle the spider as he tap-dances his way to fame -- with maps, flaps, and other novelty surprises throughout.

My Rating!!

My Thoughts:

Even as an arachnophobe, Speckle stole my heart from page one! This book is filled with big, bight beautiful drawings to keep even the youngest readers that are just starting out interested.  Not only that, your little ones will be turning the pages to find out how Speckle did on his report card, read his travel papers and even read some special mail from his fans! Each one comes out of an envelope or other little holder within the book for your child to find. 

Speckle is adorable, lovable and hard to resist.  As a matter of fact, speckle is SURE he's SPECIAL and he's definitely knows how to dance!  What Speckle wants more than anything is to be in the limelight and to PROVE it to everyone he has what it takes to be a star! So, Speckle leaves his cozy home in the Bahamas behind and heads for "somewhere" else on a boat.  But to this little spider's surprise, being special isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Soon he's given a home at the zoo where everyone can see him dance all day long!  But he's not alone in his home, here he lives with Suzy, who can't dance well but "can turn a pretty good cartwheel".  All Speckle knows is he has to end this dream turned nightmare and he must take beautiful Suzy with him. After all, they're both rare spiders and he can't just leave her behind.

Speckle longs to be back in the Bahamas and soon both he and Suzy are on the lamb...  Will they make it back? Is the grass always greener? Is this why they say you should never look for happiness further than your own back yard or to Be careful what you wish for?  To answer these questions and more, you may purchase a copy of  "Speckle The Spider" today, which just so happens to be it's release day, go out and pick up a copy! You and your little ones will not be disappointed! I can't recommend SPECKLE THE SPIDER enough! You'll love it from it's cute fuzzy cover to all the flaps and envelopes inside all the way until the great big surprise at the end!  This is a fun book to read aloud together and to help little hands take out the surprises and read what they say.  Let them know that EVERYONE is special and deserves to be loved.  Best of all, they don't have to go far to get it.  Tell your little ones just how special they are to you (and they won't even have to hide in a box of bananas) and hit the mainland for love!

About the Author:

Emma loves to be busy. She has been working as a freelance writer/illustrator for 10 years. She has written and illustrated childrens' picture books, produced images for magazines, greetings cards and giftwrap. For 14 years she has also worked for film and TV, producing props and art work. Emma also teaches on illustration BA at University of Westminster.



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