April 22, 2009

A New Beginning!

Hi All!

Well, I'm finally home...

You have NO idea how good this feels! I can start reviewing again on a daily basis and I can hold contests and see all of my friends again.

But, I can't lie, there have been many changes made in my life. Permanent changes that have affected me greatly. I'm not ready to talk about all of them yet, but I will...in time. You've all been wonderful and to the authors and publishers "THANK YOU"! Can you hear me yelling?? See me waving *Waving Madly*!! Cancer is a horrible thing. It doesn't pick and choose. It's equally terrible to everyone! It doesn't care what you do, how old you are, what color you are, if you have a family or if you don't...

My choice...to fight back. And that I did. Did I win? To me, somewhat...and I know you all don't understand what I mean yet, but you will. I'm just not ready to talk about it yet and when I am, you'll be the first to know. A few closer friends online do know. I chose to tell them through private emails that they've sent to me. But enough about *C*...and more about BLOGGING, BLOGGERS and BOOKS!! YAY!!

I've received some really great books to review recently and I will get those posted! And today, I received a friend request on Face Book from my favorite Thriller writer Rick R. Reed! He now has ten (10) published Novels and I couldn't be happier for him! Continued success to you Rick! I was extremely surprised and honored that he was looking for me and wondering how I was doing. It made me *blush* a little... Anyway, he has a great post on the blog entitled "In Cold Blog" about his real life stalker experience and it's quite scary...you should check it out!

Another great thing...I've been book blogging over a year! It seems like yesterday! I can't believe it .... SO, in honor of that, I'm thinking up a great GIVE-A-WAY while we speak (or AS I TYPE!). Going through the blogs, I see just how much I've missed and some of it was quite a shock...

Dewey...I don't know what to say. I couldn't believe what I was reading and my prayers and heart go out to her and her family! I was sad I missed the read-a-thon. I missed so much. Those things made me sad and mad. It made me think of my own family and friends...my friends on line and what cancer "took away" from ME! I have been reading all of your blogs, just not posting on many! I've been lurking for a bit...Nymeth? Congrats on your "Dangerous Alphabet Book"... how cool is that?? Trish, I missed you greatly! And so many of you I tried to contact personally in a letter. J.Kaye? Your BLOG looks AMAZING! I promise to catch up on everyone and what they are doing...I also hope to have many of you stopping by here to catch up with me as well! So stop by and pass my blog on!

There are other things to "ME" besides reading and I think that I might let you all in on those things in between reviews as well...just in case...you never know. I don't want you to think ALL I do is READ. I love FASHION, PINK, CHOCOLATE and SATC...SHOES....SHOES AND SHOES! This year I think I'm going to let it all out. I have to. And not for you...for ME! So, if you want to learn about new authors, favorites, books and ME....the PRINCESS behind the BLOG, PLEASE stay tuned!

*PHEW!* I am SOOOO Glad to be back!! Unfortunately, that's all for now! Until then...




  1. Amy! I'm so glad to hear you're home. I've been away from the computer these past few days, and opening my reader and seeing a post from you really made me smile. Big hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Big Hugs Back! You are THE SWEETEST NYMETH!! XOXO I missed you SO much!! ~ Amy

    Congrats on the Neil book!

  3. Glad you're back! And especially glad you have your old enthusiasm! :-)


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